Monday, September 19, 2011

At 7 3/4.

HOORAY!  K- lost her very first tooth-- finally! 

Her tooth fairy box.  It is tucked just under the one corner of her pillow.  She wanted to make it easy on the fairy after all.
I think that I bought the tooth fairy box for K- back when she was 4.  We've been waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting some more.  Wednesday came and she called me on my cell phone while I was at work.  She was absolutely squealing with delight.

She was eating a piece of corn and it finally loosened her tooth. 

Now we've been waiting.  And waiting.  The tooth has been a source of entertainment.  We nicknamed it "Mr. Wiggles."  She could do "witch tooth" (AKA closing her lips and leaving that one to hang out) and do to the "draw bridge" (AKA drop the tooth flat out.)  Every now and then, it would be a little agitated and bleed slightly.  What did I do to remedy the situation?

I bought corn for dinner and made her keep gnawing on it.

Hubs buttered it up and they were having lovely conversation as Hubs ate his dinner late because he had been tending to the lawn before the rain that is due tomorrow.  "Mom!  I have a hole!  I don't know where it went!  I think I swallowed it!"  We talked about that being a possibility and that it was okay if it happened.  Certainly the tooth fairy would completely get it.  She called my in-law's to let them know and I found her tooth sitting on the Toys R Us ad that she had been reading.  We did have a tooth to put in the box after all! 

What is the tooth fairy leaving behind?  Well, I had gotten a $5.00 for the first tooth.  I have a dollar for each one thereafter.  MIL decided to sweeten the pot because K- has had to wait for so long and she slipped me another $5.00.  (She insisted.)  I'll tell K- that she has two $5.'s because the tooth fairy felt bad because of her long wait.  I will let her know that the haul for a typical tooth is not that large at all.  However, we'll be doing the transcontinental tooth fairy.  I have foreign coins and odd American currency (gold dollar, SBAnthony dollar, a $2.00 bill) and she'll get one of those to collect and learn about each time the fairy turns up. 

We have another loose tooth.  I expect that one to pop out within the week.  Aunt Kristin was right.  She said that when the first one comes out, K- would be dropping teeth out like no tomorrow. 

I'm so excited for her! 

Smiles in my weekend:
-  K- losing her tooth!
-  Rare butterflies for our state nectaring at our plants.  There is one that Hubs needs to go to work to identify.  Another is not a state butterfly at all.  One is a tortoise shell that Hubs has only seen one other time ever.  He said that I officially have a better selection of butterflies than they do on the 250 acre prairie that he has at work.  :)
-  Going to my neighbor's church today for a Homecoming Celebration.  Bless their hearts.  They were so happy to have us there.  We were Episcopal for the day and we were the only ones who came with bibles.  It struck my Baptist heart as a little odd and I'm sure that we struck them as equally as odd.  They were lovely people and Hubs commented on people smiling and really open and making us feel welcome. 

Have a wonderful week!


Rach said...

I'm SO happy and excited for K! How wonderful to FINALLY lose a tooth. :o)

I was seven when I lost my first one. I was eating pizza and I noticed a hole. I panicked thinking I had swallowed it. I found it wrapped up in the paper towel with my pizza crusts. Whew!

Yeah, reading K's story sent me down deja vu lane. ;o)

We'll be doing $1 here--golden dollars. :o) But, we're quite a ways off. The hygienist told Lil maybe by her birthday. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath.

Michelle said...

Gotta love those missing teeth smiles!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Yea for Miss K! She looks even more adorable toothless.