Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yard Sale Day 1: "You got any guns?"

I made this sign last night at midnight so that people wouldn't mistake . . .

. . . this as a party tent.  I came in at 12:10 AM and took a quick tour of the game closet to see what else could be sold. 

These two ladies flitted from house to house today, having a grand time.
The day began with cars beginning to circle at 7:15 AM like vultures.  These are, as we all know, the yard sale die hards.  They race up, sometimes quickly glancing at your offerings only to ask for the following items:

"You got any instruments?" 
"You got any hunting or fishing equipment?"
"You got any old or broken watches?"
"Do you have (this one was proper) a snow blower?"  I told him that the gravel drive pretty much put me out of the running for owning one.
Then, there is my favorite.  "You got any guns?" 
Here's the deal.  The tent was 10 x 20-- two Easy-Ups cable tied together.  You can see that it wasn't the most roomy place in there.  A three second look would tell you all you need to know.  Now, I realize that they were probably hoping that I would go to every cook and nanny in my house (not nook and cranny here-- sorry) to dig up some wonderful treasure for them. 

Nuthin' doin'.

Besides, we are a peace-loving house and in our home, we have no firearms.  The heaviest hitting item we have for self defense is a bubble gum pink aluminum kid-size baseball bat.  I'm good with that.

I had to laugh at the people who shopped ONLY the free box and didn't bother to look at anything else.  A guy came toodling up with his own shopping bag in hand and announced, "This is exactly what I was looking for!"  Grant you, I'm happy to have dispensed of some not necessarily quality items in the free box. 

I had people park in the end of my driveway this morning.  Where I'm sure that in most cases, that would be okay, but we were working with the fact that Hubs was going to need to go to work.  Since street salers tend to stay for a while, I told the gentleman, "Sir, I'm so sorry, but my husband is going to be leaving for work soon."  "WELL, IS HE GOING TO BE LEAVING IN A MINUTE?!"  "No, probably in about 10."  "Well, I'm fine then.  I'll be out of here by then."  It was only the before open crowd that did that and he was the only rude one about it.

I had a lady ask her husband, who was at the side of my house checking the workability of an orbital sander, to bring her some of my tomatoes since the deer ate all of hers.  He didn't, but I did send K- to pick her one.  I told her that it was organic, heirloom and and not genetically modified.  She looked weird at me.  "Well, it won't make you grow a third eye!"  "We'll just have it with our lunch."  Alrighty then.

I had a woman puzzled by K-'s snowshoes that I have for sale.  "What are these?!"  "Snowshoes!"  The look that she gave me was as if I had a third eye.  "Well, we like to snowshoe and hers are too small.  We ordered her new, but I just don't think that people typically snowshoe around here."  Again, she continued with that look.  They are purple and aluminum and I suppose if you are used to the idea of snowshoes being giant tennis rackets, these probably look like weird outer space junk. 

So how did the day end?  We made $45.00, but we've decided to buy the hammock stand that the neighbor has, so now we are down $25.00.  That's okay.  It'll make our hammock experience much better.  We installed the clothesline post a little too close to the fence post, so when we hang in the hammock, we're about an inch or two above the ground.  We suspect that we'll get much more use out of the (as we call it) hamhock if we have the stand instead.

Onward to tomorrow.  I'll try to report back about my progress tomorrow. 

Smiles in my day:
-  There is something that warms my heart about putting out a sign, having people willingly show up to your house, look at your discards, be willing to take them away and will actually pay you for them.  They pay you for junk you no longer desire.  There was a ton of work involved, but I think that it is grand that we make money off of things unusable to us.
-  K- biked the whole way on our walk today, up and down hills, and did great!  I didn't even have to break out any of the band aids that I squirreled away in my pocket.

Being up until 1:15-1:30 AM for the last three nights, then working full days has taken a toll on me.  I'm having a hard time typing.  I'm going in reverse a lot more than I should have to.  I need sleep.

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hope you sell more things tomorrow and get less "different" people. Guns? Really?
When I had mine a few years ago the hot item was tools. People also offered to by hubs Harley and our Kabota tractor. Like I'd sell either of those in a yard sale...

Bailey's Leaf said...

They always ask for what isn't for sale. Today, I finally put NOT FOR SALE stickers on the girls bikes because people kept asking. The girls had their helmets on and most of the time, they were riding on them!

Anonymous said...

WE had a "free box" at the estate sale. A guy took the entire box without looking through it.

Bailey's Leaf said...


I'm not surprised about your free box. I'm good with it, just surprised about how it is done sometimes.