Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our latest horticultural acquisition.

While at the Chicago Botanic Garden, we decided that a Venus Fly Trap was just quirky enough to come home with us.  The garlic chives in the background were a freebie they were giving away outside of the Barilla demo. 
Hubs handfed the plant.  No kidding.  He couldn't wait! 

Venus Fly Traps come with directions.  No chlorinated or softened water.  Bright light.  Keep continuously damp (which is why I have it in a ramekin filled halfway with water).  If transplanting, peat or spagnum moss as the planting medium.  No food.  It is happy with what I'm doing to it, so I'll keep on keepin' on. 


Smiles in my day:
-  The gloriously crisp sleeping evenings that we've been able to enjoy.
-  Hubs working so hard on our bikes to get them ready for us to enjoy a bike ride together.  Since K- learned to ride her bike, we needed to get ours out from the cobwebs to show her that we can ride ours, too!
-  Getting a ton done at work.
-  The lovely wonders of the half gallon of soda AKA the 59 cent Polar Pop from Circle K.  It is truly the only way I got as much done at work as I did.

Have a great day!

Want to know more about where we visited?  Click here!


Rach said...

I've always wanted a venus flytrap. :o) Yours looks incredibly healthy.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Haven't killed it yet! My thumbs tend to be rather greenish, so unless I accidentally freeze it to death in the garden window this winter (wiped out an entire window of plants that way), I should be good.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

They boys want one of these so badly! I have a black thumb and am afraid to take on another plant that will eventually just die.