Friday, August 19, 2011

My 20 year reunion.

I graduated in 1991.  When I graduated, I happily walked away from the people who tormented me for so many years, with no intention of fake hob-knobbing with them again. 

My best friend was really excited about going to the 10 year reunion.  I decided that we would go and find out that hopefully, people grew up.

They hadn't.  I only had one person really actually stop to talk to me.  There were a few comments in passing, but I didn't find that the folks that I graduated with had changed all that much. 

They were a little heavier.

They were a little leather-like.

Their attitude in life was the same, though.

My best friend has been so excited about the reunion.  About three years ago, when they began planning the reunion, she e-mailed that I needed to get onto Facebook and hook up with their page (or whatever you call it.) 

No thank you.

They made fun of me because I didn't have the right clothes.

They made fun of me because I was a bit awkward. 

I was a decent student and was made fun of for that.

I was an art kid and got heat for that.

The teachers liked me and there were occasions that I had a hard time because of that, as well.

I'm good with skipping the bar mixer with the other classes.  I'm good with skipping the dinner and dancing with a bunch of folks who didn't care to even speak to me in the lunch room.  I'm quite happy with skipping the day at the local pool that we actually have passes at, because gym was far too horrible and would I really want these people to purposely see me in a swimming suit?  I mean, it isn't that bad, but I don't need them to scrutinize my body, when they already did that 20 years ago.

Can you tell that I didn't leave high school with warm fuzzies?  Hubs didn't, either.  He was on the MIA list and was quite thrilled with that.  Can you tell that they did hurt me.  I don't want to get together with a bunch of people who wouldn't give me the time of day 20-24 years ago, only to have them want to know how I am, how many kids I have, if I'm married and how many times, what I do, where do I do it, where I live, how big the house is, what I drive and so forth.

No thank you.  The people who I want to know that stuff already stay in contact with me.  I'm good with that.

Reunion?  No thank you.

Smiles in my day: 
-  Seinfeld re-runs.  I can't tell you how many times we'll be in a store and one of us will belt out, "Jerry?  Jerry?  Stick a fork in me, I'm done!"  Even K-, at her earliest point of speech, would belt out the "Stick a fork in me, I done!" bit. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rach said...

Brien had a miserable hs experience, and yet, couldn't wait to attend his 10 year reunion. Me? I had a great experience and would rather have bamboo shoved under my nails than have attended.

We went. It all went well enough. But, do I have any desire to attend again? Nope. Not on your life. Although, I can pretty much guarantee you if/when we get an invite to B's 20th, he'll be asking if we can go.


Michelle said...

I also graduated in 1991 and have my 20 yr reunion coming up. I'm not attending either. The school I graduated from in NJ I only attended my senior year. I didn't make many lasting friendships. Most of the students had been together since K; it was very hard to fit in there as the 'new' student. I looked at the list of who is attending the reunion and realize that maybe 2 or 3 people actually knew me and talked with me back then. I understand not wanting to go. I wish I could have a great experience attending a HS reunion but oh well. The school I would have liked to go to a reunion is the school I went to for 3 yrs - Zwei High - in Germany. I still only had a handful of really good friends there, most others were just people I said hi to. I didn't 'fit' in with any particular group, I was shy, quiet, reserved, unsure of myself and didn't participate in any activities, but what can you do now? Of course being a high school from overseas it's hard to have a class-specific reunion, so their are 'all class' reunions every couple of years in different locations. I'm hoping to attend next year in Myrtle Beach because it's so close to us.
Wow, sorry for commenting so much, guess you're post hit a spot with me :)
So, happy 20th reunion to both of us!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I've not been to any of mine either. High school wasn't kind to me either. Picked on and made fun of too. Why would I want to go back and hang out with these people??? No thanks. I saw two "bullies" (they married each other) a few years ago. We were at the same "country club" but not the same function. They actually came into our function to give me the evil eye and stare me down to make me feel uncomfortable. My husband was FLOORED! Now he believes me that my high school experience was less than thrilling.