Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monarch Watch Tagging: First ones up!

We started our tagging today.  I admit that the first one was a little worn and I'm not real hopeful that he will make the journey to El Rosario, so it was an excellent one for me to learn tagging on.  In the photo, I see that the sticker is on, but I should have pressed it down a little bit more. 

We only had two that K- and her friends had caught earlier.  We thought that we had three, but one turned out to be a Viceroy.  Doh!  When a Monarch smiles back, it is a fake. 

Two down.  48 more to go!

Smiles in my day:
-  My friend, Heather, came over with her boys.  K- and I taught them how to catch butterflies.  I held the Venus Fly Trap so that they could all hand feed it.  We even hit a giant milestone, as L- learned to ride a bike here.  Now, we are a girl house.  L- expressed interest in riding K-'s bike.  Her bike was a gift from Aunt Kristin about 3 1/2 years ago.  It is a Disney Princess bike that is definitely oozing girl.  He was half way okay with that.  He did ask if I had a different helmet.  K- has a Razor scooter helmet that is very dark pink with daisies.  "I do!"  "Great," L- says.  "It has Tinkerbell on it!"  "DOH!" he said with a grin.  He opted for the dark pink Razor scooter helmet.  He wobbled.  Occasionally he flopped, but by the time they left, he was riding up and down the sidewalk without falling and without pushing the bike up the hill. 
-  Hubs being so excited about putting our Monarch Waystation sign up.  He did a great job.

A prayer request:  My good friend, Rachael, and her family are hunkering down to weather Hurricane Irene.  Their area is not evacuated, but she is rather concerned about this storm.  Their 5 year old daughter, Lily, is somewhat beside herself.  Her 16 month old daughter, Ellie, has been a bit under her own weather.  Brien?  He's been readying the generator and probably a number of other things.  Please consider praying that they are kept safe. 


ChupieandJ'smama said...

So cool! I love the photo's too. They are just gorgeous.

Rach said...

I saw an honest-to-goodness monarch today! They're coming back. I put up the hummingbird feeders as quickly as I could and they are back as well. Everyone seems to have weathered the storm okay. :o)