Friday, July 15, 2011

Some things generally taken for granted.

The moonlight is peeking through the trees.

There is a cool breeze blowing through my window, making the curtains wave in and out.

The breeze is making the leaves swoosh.

The wind chimes are "tinkling" in the breeze.

The night is good.

Smiles in my day:
-  I was able to tackle cleaning my house.  The 3 1/2 day extravaganza of being laid flat out by the virus of the decade did a number on my house cleaning schedule for last week.  Never fear, I'm back on schedule.  The down comforter was even laundered and hung on the line.
-  K- and I were on a parade float this evening.  Hubs' work sponsors a parade float every year to be driven in 4 different parades.  Each co-worker is scheduled one, so K- and I go to help Hubs on his night.  Hubs drives and I act as volunteer coordinator/candy bucket filler.  K- sits on the judge side and tosses candy as we drive.  This time, we had a lovely group of volunteers that walked the parade route and handed out candy, as well as a few on the float with us.  Last year it was 95 degrees and this year we were in the mid 80's.  I'd rather have that!
-  My brakes are being replaced tomorrow.  How great to have a brother that can do all of that.  Hubs can do brakes, but my brother can handle it while Hubs' schedule is quite crazy. 
-  K- has really enjoyed science camp this week.  We're so glad that she's had the opportunity to learn so many different things.  We take a week break, then we have arts camp for two weeks.  What a blessing that these camps are offered at no cost.
-  Getting squall bibs for K- for the winter from Land's End for $14.97, rather than the $54.50 original price.  I had a free shipping coupon to boot, so I was a happy girl!  Hooray!

Have a great weekend!


Rach said...

First, I have to tell you, your new header actually had me catching my breath when I arrived--it's GORGEOUS!!

I love the simplicity and power of this post. You are absolutely right--those things are so often taken for granted. Beautiful job.

Nice smiles too. :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Thank you!