Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to the craziness.

K- went to camp on Friday, had a grand time and took a nap when she arrived home.  She played with E-, her friend next door, and I swore to her parentals that K- was well past her point of spreading funk and disease. 

On Saturday, Hubs had to work late, which means that he went in late.  We took a family trip to the thrift store and I found lots of lovelies that I needed.  We came home, I detagged everything in the driveway, threw a load of thrift duds directly into the wash and off we went to handle some back to school shopping.  Old Navy was on my list, as I had done a bit of online ordering when K- was down and a few things I ordered just didn't fit.  I wanted an orange polo for her, but they only had them for boys.  I decided, "How different can the sizes actually be?"  When I pulled the polo out of the package, Hubs asked, "Is that for you?"  Yikes.  They are inches different.  Mentally noted.  I ordered K- a pair of yoga pants in a 10/12.  When I held them up, the waistline at mine, the hemline fell exactly at mine.  Now, I'm not tall by any stretch (5' and slightly below 1") but still.  Hubs asked, "Who the heck do they make these pants for?"  We were able to take them back to the store and I opted to go to the store that was in a plaza as opposed to the mall.  It was a hassle free return, I was able to get a pair of yoga pants that fit this time (size 8 was a better choice) and a striped tank for next year.  In the end, I spent 5.00 less than I had online.  That's good!

I stopped by the craft store and bought nothing.

I stopped by a new health food grocer and bought nothing.  (I was hungry and slightly overwhelmed.) 

I returned some ill fitting shorts to Walmart and bought nothing. 

We stopped by Target, where I didn't buy nothing, but did find some grand deals on the clearance rack.  They have t-shirts marked down to 1.48 each and tanks marked down to 1.98 each.  I also found a Hello Kitty MP3 player for K-'s birthday (yes, it is in December) marked down from 30.00 to 7.48.  We'd like to give a trial run at this iPodish thing to see if she likes it and if she takes care of it.  If she does, when she is older, she'll get the Apple version. 

K- fell asleep on the way home, only to find that my surprise for her was a 50 cent cone from McD's.  Hey, we're both a cheap date.

We came home, I did some tidying and whatnot while K- played with her doll house, then we went to McD's again for K- to get her free Happy Meal for dinner.  She had earned a free Happy Meal at the library for attending 4 of the summer reading program events and since Hubs wasn't home, we were on our own for dinner.  I got myself a grilled wrap and a side salad, K- ate her Smurfalicious meal (well, a few bites) and off she went to play. 

McD's Play Place is the land of many parents/guardians who just don't care.  When we came in, there was a child screaming at the top of her lungs.  She was screaming because she is a girlie screamer-- not that there was anything wrong.  My child has been many things at many times, but I thank God each time I encounter the girlie screamer that of all things K- is/has been, she has never been that.  The child went on and on screaming to the point that children were coming out of the Play Place with their fingers in their ears.  K- and I were still eating and I looked at K- and said, "It seems like someone needs to get their child to stop screaming."  The guy in the next booth over just looked at me.  He didn't give me a dirty look or anything.  I thought he was commiserating.  Um, no.  He was the father of the screamer.  Doh.  Finally, he did get her to stop and each time she came down, he gently reminded her that screaming wasn't a good thing.  I don't think he was offended.  I didn't say it nasty.  When kids have their fingers in their ears, you know it isn't just the adults affected.  There was also an unattended 18 month old that was licking and chewing all over the safety padding, in and out of the Play Place, while dragging the Wet Floor sign with her, going to all the tables of all of the people and she wasn't claimed until about 45 minutes after we arrived.  Geeze.  There were lots of kids without socks, which by sign are mandatory.  There were also people freely going in and out of the emergency only exit.  K- had fun, all was well with her and off we went to home where she continued to play with E- until bedtime.

Sunday came with church attendance, off to the grocery after, home to put groceries away/clean produce and have K- make a birthday card, then off to the party.  Bless K-'s heart, when she was at the party my friend called and nearly panicked me when I saw her name come up on my phone.  It seems as though K- got clonked in the face with a light saber.  They had an ice pack on it and she was left with a funky mark below her eye.  Then, some kid spun around, nailed her with something and caused her to bleed.  Their yard has to be some bizarre mosquito breeding ground because while the kids were there, they were eaten alive and I patted K- down with the clear version of Calamine lotion before bed.  K- and E- made plans at the party to come back home and continue their playing here and that they did.  The girls played chalk in the front, caught butterflies in the back and climbed the tree next door.  E- asked if I had cherries and as luck would have it, I had cherries and strawberries that needed consumed today.  The girls each had a good sized bowl of fruit and they were happy as clams, while they sat on the front step, talking all about life, things and bowls of fruit. 

They took a break for dinner, at which case K- decided that she wasn't all that hungry, but she sat with us and "observed" her butterflies, drawing all their appropriate parts, labeling her paper and telling us her tales of catching them.  She is really quite good at catching butterflies.  She is gentle in swoop and delicately puts them in her pop-up container for observation purposes.  I was amazed at the detail that she went into with the butterflies this evening. 

The girls reconvened after dinner for a bit more time to play, K- teaching E- how to spin a hula hoop on its side in such a way to get it to return to her.  They caught and released more butterflies, then it was off to the bath.  K- is busy playing catch-up with her summer reading, as the month of July wasn't kind to us.  I was sick or she was sick and while reading didn't completely fall by the wayside, she didn't read quite as much as we normally do.  It's funny to hear her read.  She is beginning to really get into reading with emotion in her voice.  She pauses, she yells, she giggles and appropriately reads punctuation.  The pause in summer reading wasn't a delay as I worried it would be for her, but still, we're back at it.  We're busy reviewing math skills, too.  We talked about it being important not to fall behind during the summer, because that just starts the year out bad.  She agreed.  Of course, the prize incentives when you go back to school with your summer homework complete doesn't hurt either. 

That takes me to this evening.  K- was snuggled in bed by 9:05 PM and is now fast asleep.  She is feeling more and more like herself every day.  Her cough was non-existent over night last night, and I can only hope for the same this evening.  Last night, she slept in a tent that she made herself from blankets that she had pinned in drawers and weighed down with books.  Perhaps it was a magical healing tent? 

While watering this evening, I noticed that the girls had snatched all of the ripened tomatoes from the vine.  The parsley in the back was defoliated.  To me, that means only one thing.  I looked in closer and I was pleased to see two black swallowtail caterpillars munching away.  The one got knocked off by the water pouring from the watering can, but I got him back up and onto another bit of the parsley. 

It made me smile.  That and lots of other weekend stuff. 

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Alas, my girls are girlie screamers and I HATE HATE HATE it. :o( We have tried to curb it, but well, it's something we have to work on CONSTANTLY. :o( Believe me, I hate it as much as everyone else does. :sigh:

You ARE the bargain queen!! I'm going to have to come and shop with you one day. :oP