Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 10-day run

A marathon of sorts is how I would describe this virus that has overtaken my child's body and rendered me short on sleep, high on worry and low on nerves. 

Her body is still busy stepping down that fever mode that it seemed to have permanently ingrained in its memory.  While she has still been running a fever, it hasn't been constant.  It also hasn't been a fever of 104 magnitude.  I'm happy to say that we left the 104 on Monday evening.  She's moved on from there to 102.5, then 101.5 and down to 100.  While these are all fevers, it seems as those are the points to which the high stops. 

I spoke with the nurse at the pediatrician's office today.  Bless Kathy, she told me that K- is getting better, it is a 7-10 day virus and that it'll be a few more days. 

Currently, K- is running NO! fever.  I know not to rest on that, though.  We're looking forward to the day that the fever completely leaves.  For now, we are thankful.  We're thankful for the steps towards healing.

For now, I'm readying myself for bed.  I'm looking forward to some sleep. 

Smiles in my day:
-  When I left this AM, I told K- that I "challenged" her to draw me something on the front steps with her chalk.  When I got home, she was on the front steps with her big bucket of chalk.  She hadn't been out long, but long enough to draw me some colorful squares with the chalk that she made in science camp.
-  The last day of work for this week.  It's just been a very long week, not work-wise, just life-wise.

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Hallelujah! The light at the end of the tunnel per chance?

Bailey's Leaf said...

We're hoping. At least we all slept last night for the first time in over a week. No fever thus far. Still funky stomach ache, but that is from sinus drainage. Trying to get her to eat something to help that a bit. It's a rainy and stormy day in the 'hood today, so we'll lay low and hopefully, I can strip and flip her room. You can tell that it has been sick bay for over a week.