Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tales from the Trenches: Items of an irritative nature.

1.  Exactly why do people feel the need to tote their dogs along to the soccer field in 90 degree heat to sit out in the blazing sun with them for a few hours?  That can't be that comfortable for them.  I especially love it when the owner has complete disregard for the neighboring parentals trying to watch the practice/game while she is sitting so close to the field that the dog was actually ON the field, in the way of the children as they were trying to do drills and in the end when she decided to move, she moved right behind me so that the dog could continue sniffing my arm and back and God knows what else.  Yeah.  Good times.

2.  PMS.  Rrrrr.  Nuff said.

3.  The week previous at soccer, I had one parent sit so close to me that I could have put sun block on her arms without stretching to do so.  No, I don't know the woman.  They are the same parents that are out ON the soccer field with their son and they bring a complete entourage with them.  I think 10 people came to see him play this past week.  I have no problem with that.  Truly, they seemed like lovely people, but obviously they don't have personal space issues like I do.  Might I add that in both cases, there was probably about 20-30 feet of empty sideline, but for some reason, these folks felt the need to snuggle right up to me.  In 90 degree heat, I'm not that pretty and I'm certain that my natural deodorant does have a certain failure point.  While I'm sure that the flies aren't exactly buzzing about my airspace, I'm certain that I'm not as spring fresh as when the day started.  BACK UP PEOPLE!

4.  Someone at church pulled in cock-eyed and so close to my vehicle, that K- actually had to enter from the passenger side to get to her seat.  I widged my way in, but geeze o' Pete people, DON'T PARK ON TOP OF ME!  I'm not as thin as I used to be, but would like to return to my previous happy number.  Until then, I need a regular amount of space, please.

5.  I have a swimming pass that was renewed as a gift.  Last year, the swimming pass came with a perk card to use at the treat stand.  We hadn't gotten one this year.  As a surprise, I'll be taking K- to swim after school on Friday, so I called to check on the status of the perk card.  "Oh, we haven't gotten those out yet.  We're backlogged.  When was the membership renewed?"  "End of March or early April."  "Oh."  "Will you be getting that out soon?  As I hate to be that lady, we'll be visiting the pool and would really love to use it."  (We get three free sodas, three free slushes and a free admission.)  The gentleman is sending the card out in the mail today. 

6.  Something is eating my marigolds.  Yes, the marigolds, but the dianthus are left alone.  It makes no sense to me. 

Smiles in my day:
-  The chocolate/chocolate cake that I baked for my mom's birthday was wonderful. 
-  K- is loving the Summer of the Sea Serpent.  Rest assured, when she can, she'll be belting out Harry Potter.  Still a bit above her reading level right now. 
-  K- brought her soccer ball and net to my parents house this evening.  The kids got running and playing soccer in their own way, my 2 year old nephew included.  I love that the kids can get together and have great fun together.  My brother's girlfriend used to play soccer, so she was out there with the kids, too.
-  It is the last week of school.  It is a full week involving a math test, vocabulary quiz and a spelling test.  No rest for the weary, but it'll be over soon.  The cherry on the top of the end of Friday is that I'm going to be taking K- to have a cook out with her siblings after swimming.  She'll be so surprised! 

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I don't get the whole dogs at soccer game thing either. Someone brought one last week (it was really furry) and proceeded to brush it while at the game. No issue with brushing it but they cleaned the brush several times and just let the "fur" fly around the field. I really didn't want large piles of fur blowing on my leg. Nor do I want it "toileting" around me. I have one son allergic to dogs and the other that is TERRIFIED of dogs since he got bit a few months ago. I wish they'd make those types of events "dog free". We used to have a group of ladies that would walk their dogs around the parking lot at pick up time. They caused such a hazard that the school had to send out a "no dogs in the parking lot" e-mail. I had dogs growing up. We didn't take them anywhere except an occasional car ride.

Rach said...

I hope today is a bit better. Surely it must be.

Hang in there. PMS is a KILLER.