Friday, June 3, 2011

Mucinex D, how I love thee.

I had a cold in the early part of May.  Actually, a full month ago. When it started, I just attributed my issues to allergies. 

It was a cold.

The cold has come and finally gone, but I still have this cough from a tickle in my throat.  I kept feeling like I had a constant massive dangling mass of mucus in the back of my throat that made me gag from time to time.  I finally had it when I realized that I had coughed so much that I had obviously pulled something in my neck, causing a tendon or something to snap occasionally when I swallowed.  It was at that time that I went into hypochondria mode.

I panicked.

I didn't sleep. 

I kept feeling my neck to see if there was a mass or some type of lump or something. 

I would finally fall asleep, swallow hard, whatever was angry would snap, it would wake me up and I did the rinse and repeat of the above all night.  Add to that the stress and sadness of losing a good friend and all that could come to my mind was, "I'm coming Home, Karen!"

After a night of no sleep, helping to take a class of 21 children on a 5 mile hike, taking care of 100 book challenge, helping to prepare/set-up and tear down the funeral luncheon, I was shot.  Add to that, that the neighbor girl came over to hang out for about an hour and a half, I had walked to get K- from school (2 miles round trip) and that we've been going for a family walk each night after dinner that is probably about 2 miles. 

I came up with a more reasonable plan than panic.

Take 2 Zantac.  Perhaps acid reflux is aggravating my condition. 

Take 1 Mucinex.

Sleep without a pillow.  Maybe my neck is being bent weird and that's aggravating the already aggravated. 

Go to bed early.  That one wasn't hard.  My body decided that 8:30 PM was the time it could no longer be doing the business of uprightness, so I curled up to watch TV.  I woke up about an hour later to find that I did the most attractive thing of sleeping with my mouth probably wide open because my pillow was, well, rather moist.  I flipped it over, went out on the hunt for Hubs and could not find him anywhere.  I figured he had gone running, but I didn't know what time he had left, what if something had happened . . . Then, the door opened and shut.  Hubs was home.  He was well, he didn't tell me he was going because he didn't want to wake me and let's face it, he probably couldn't have anyhow.  But you know something I did realize?  I felt better.  No thick feeling in the back of my throat.  No snap.  It was massive allergy drainage from all the tree pollen. 

Mystery solved. 

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