Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

You are the high in my noon,
The flap in my jack,
The jelly in my bean,
The hop in my scotch,
The fortune in my cookie,
The Grand in my Canyon,
The bees in my knees,
The zig in my zag,
The rock in my roll,
The fox in my trot,
The pow in my wow,
The gee in my whiz, (H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)
The wasket in my basket,
The nureau in my bureau,
The woset in my closet,
The jertain in my curtain,
The zlock in my clock,
The zelf on my shelf,
The nink in my sink,
The zamp in my lamp,
The yot in my pot,
The yottle in my bottle,
The zable on my table,
The ghair on my chair,
The bofa on my sofa,
The nupboard in my cupboard,
The nooth grush on my tooth brush,
The vug on my rug,
The quimney up our chimney,
The zall in the hall,
The yep on my step,
You are the tellar, nellar, gellar, dellar, bellar, wellar and zellar in my cellar,
The geeling on the ceiling,
The zower in the shower,
The zillow, who in our case, sometimes steals my pillow.  (Dr. Seuss)

Happy Father's Day, Hubs!

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Rach said...

Love this! :o)

Happy Father's Day to Hubs. :o)