Thursday, May 19, 2011

You can't control everything.

It's that time of year.  You start thinking about the upcoming year.  You start thinking about teachers.  You have your hopes.  You have your dreams.

Do you put in that request?

Last year, I did.  I put in a request for a teacher that I had the pleasure of listening to as she taught while I updated our 100 Book Challenge board.  She was firm with her students, caring, but they absolutely did not question who the head of the class was.  There was no funny business.  Her class behaved beautifully as they moved through the halls.  K- got that teacher, has learned so much from her and I don't regret hand-picking her for a minute.

Knowing what I know about Mrs. S-, how incredibly in-tune to her students she is and how she will truly pay attention to every little bit about their habits and personalities before placing them in a class, I didn't put in a formal request for a teacher.  I spoke with Mrs. S- about a concern that Hubs had brought up about a teacher from previous years that he had visit his workplace.  She's no longer there.  Mrs. S- reported that K- will do well with any of the teachers that they have for the 2nd grade, and I trust her judgment completely. 

I had a mom concerned about the teacher that her daughter may get for next year.  She phoned me and discussed what we had come up with.  Both of us had gone ahead and spoken to Mrs. S- about next year.  She's concerned and truly wants the best teacher she can have for her daughter.  I agreed that we all want that same thing, too.  I said that as much as I'm having a hard time with it, we have to let things fall where they may and loosen our apron strings a little.  I admitted that it is something I have to work on.  Is there a teacher that I've been eyeing for a while?  Sure.  I honestly told the mom that I have had interactions with all of the teachers on a regular basis.  It is because of 100 Book Challenge that they all know me and know what they'll be getting in their classrooms, too. 

My question is this.  We love our kids.  We want to pave the path for them.  We want to pave it in gold and give them the best opportunities possible.  At what point is that paving considered helicoptering, controlling and being too involved? 


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