Sunday, May 22, 2011

This post brought to you by the letter P.

K- and I were able to stop by the local nursery to use the gift certificate that she and Hubs bought me for Mother's Day.  I bought a beautiful hanging basket, was able to replace some herbs that didn't make it this past winter and some annuals to plant in the beds and to make hanging baskets out of. 

I was able to get hanging baskets handled, pots planted and the herb garden squared away.  I didn't complete hardening off my plants, as I admit I got a little eager to get things into the ground.  I have a geranium that I wintered over that is having some day time shock issues, but the plants are holding up well. 

Saturday was the party for my niece and nephew.  C- turned 10 and L- turned 2.  It turned out to be a swimming party, but I warned K- before we even left that I reserved the right to reject the swimming option if I found it to be too cold.  When it came to it, I had to be that mom.  It was freezing and K- had been coughing.  I told her that she couldn't go in.  She was sad, but we had come with a plan B in place.  I told her that she could sit on the edge and dip toes.  She also brought a super soaker water gun.  The kids weren't in that long, as they were all yelling, "I'm freezing!" when I was doing the water test anyhow.  In the end, my sister's partner turned on the sprinkler, so he helped to make up for the fact that the kids were cold in the water, but it was a hot day. 

The cake that my sister's partner made for their son was out of this world.  He built Harold from Thomas out of cake, fondant, rice krispie treats and some metal structure that he manufactured.  Adding to that, he had a propeller and a prop that were battery powered, so they actually worked.  It really did look just like Harold. 

K- had a birthday party that she went to late this morning.  I know, I know.  I wouldn't normally skip church for a birthday party, but this morning we made an exception.  She had a wonderful time and we were glad that she had the opportunity.  Her friend was able to invite one person to go to his party, and he chose to have K- come along. 

Ah, what would be a major weekend in our lives without that?  It was 87 F, humid and K- had soccer today.  She got very overheated on the field and had to run off and, well, be ill.  Bless her babyson soul.  She was bummed that she got sick.  She really tried to stay in there and only missed out on the last 15 minutes or so.  She remained until the end to get the final hoorah in with the team. 

Potential footwear:
I've been on the hunt for work legal footwear that could be worn with dresses.  I thought that I had found it today.  I flew through DSW today, while on the way back from a birthday party that K- attended.  I found Teva Mush flip flops and a pair of Keen Mary Janes.  The Tevas remain and I've wanted a pair of mush for years.   I brought the Keens home, tried wearing them around and they just are not working for me.  What's sad is that they are exactly what I wanted.  It seemed at first that perhaps a 6 would maybe be better than a 6 1/2, tried to shim them with some insoles and they still don't fit right.  Shoot.  They are rubbing in a few places and seem to be slipping off the back of my foot.  I tried to make them work, but didn't want them to land in the same place that the Skechers from a few years ago did.  (The strip-strappy ones that I paid 40.00 for, seemed all comfortable, then I tried to wear them all day at work.  Eeee-yikes.) 

Pouring cats and dogs:
We're supposed to get another 2 1/2 - 4" of rain this week.  The plants that I was unable to get into the ground have been moved to make sure that they are getting sun, they'll drain (the plants I grew from seed needed to have holes poked in the bottom to give a drainage hole) and make certain that I had the two flats to plant off the back porch so we won't be tripping over them all week.

Why yes, it is still rather high. 

Pooped out:
As in tired.  I'm out.

Smiles in my weekend:
-  Sprinkled in above.

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Rach said...

A pool party in your neck of the woods this time of year? Really? Wow. Yeah, I wouldn't have let my kiddos in either. The water would still be much too cold. Heck, we don't get in here until Memorial Day. Brr.

So sorry about the puke, but absolutely understandable. Happens to athletes all the time. Poor K, though. :o(

Planting? You are superwoman!

I missed one, I know I did...crud.