Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tales from the Trenches: A pile of nothingness.

I thought of my Friday newspaper complaint post about the paper this morning when I heard the latest copy hit the back step with a violent f-wap!  I don't regret canceling at all.  (I suddenly had visions of the father in Better Off Dead and the kid with the card flapping his bike wheel while saying, "I want my two dollars!" To note, I wanted the clip of the dad and all of the broken garage windows, but realized that skipped the "two dollars" thing.  Know that the child wasn't hurt in the end.) 
My cold sore is resurfacing.  I had the start of one last week, but killed it with Tea Tree oil. 

I went cold turkey with caffeine today.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  I didn't have a headache, though I didn't have the speed I usually do.  I think that my coworkers found the non-caffeinated me a bit more pleasant. 

On the quest to be a lighter family in general, we went on a walk even though it was raining this evening.  We all have rain coats, so we walked.  2 miles.  In the rain.

I walked 2 miles this AM in the sprinkles. 

It's Ohio.  It rains here a lot in the spring.

There's a plant in my garden window covered in a paper sack that says "Don't Peek!"  My guess is that Hubs and K- made their Mother's Day trip to the mom and pop garden place that I love.  My lemon thyme seems to have gone by way of an awful winter, so I must replace it as well as my other thyme.  I have regular thyme starts in the garden window.  I also don't believe that my clematis came back from last year, so perhaps I should look for something else vining. 

I'm tired.  A lack of caffeine and general sunshine can do that to a person. 

Smiles in my day: 
-  Hubs had half of dinner prepared when I got home. 

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

I saw the title on the clip and started laughing. B and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie and will occasionally belt out an "I want my two dollars!" just for the fun of it. ;o)

I figure at least your paper guy isn't busting out your windows, you know? :oP