Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer math online and other fun summer learning things.

I found this yesterday and am so excited that K- can do this over the summer.  K- does math worksheets each night, but was so happy to do her work online.  She even asked me at 6:45 AM this morning if she could do math. 

Really?  Um, you have to get ready for school."  She was disappointed at missing out on it. 

It's a definite in our house! 

For summer online reading encouragement, we are taking part in Scholastic's Read for the World Record Summer Challenge.  Also, we are planning on going to our local library to take part in their summer reading program.  I know that Barnes and Noble has a program with a free book offered, but be cautioned that the list of prize book offerings is very short.  Please understand that I'm not one of those "complain about free things" people, but I just wanted to let you know that a small handful of titles per age is available.  You can go here to find their online journal. 

We parted out 480 plants for the Garden Fair today and had a soup buffet for the teachers.  It's 80 F with massively high humidity.  That's Ohio for you-- from one extreme to the other.

Have a great weekend!

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