Thursday, May 12, 2011

Speech! Speech!

"Mom, - -  asked me WHY I go to speech." 

"What did you say?"

"I told her because that they help me.  Frankly, Mom, I think that - -  could benefit from going to speech.  So could - - ."  (Yes, she did say that in just that way.) 

"K-, speech is by invitation only and not just any kid can go, though there are kids who have problems pronouncing things.  What do you think about speech?  How do you think it's helped you?"

She started telling me that she could say things like "shirt and shimmy" and that she says "Heather and weather."  I told her that I like that she found her F, V and M along the way. 

She sees the benefits that she has reaped from going to speech.  She sees it as such a positive thing in her life that she thinks that everyone should go. 

I'm glad that she spoke up and told her friend how speech helped her.  So often when kids need to take part in special services to help them with a difficulty, they are embarrassed.  I'm glad that K- is confident enough to speak about it and to share the "it works for me" attitude. 

It made my heart smile. 

Smiles in my day:
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Have a great day!

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Rach said...

I know this has been a long road with K. I'm DELIGHTED she has made such progress and feels good about herself. There's nothing like self-confidence to cut down those that would make fun or tease.

Go K!! :o)