Friday, May 6, 2011

Flip, twirl and bring back to center.

Also known as, I took the RAV for the alignment and tire rotation/balancing.  It was supposed to be an hour-an hour and 15 minutes.

It was an hour and 45 minutes. 

I walked to the bank and deposited my paycheck. 

I walked to Burger King, used the bathroom and left because I decided not to get something bad to eat.

I walked to TJ Maxx and bought a necklace stand for K- and some stevia for me.  (That is an odd place with a weird lot of items.)  K- had maxed out the stand she had and needed something a bit more accommodating.  A jewelry box wasn't going to get it.  She needed a stand and I found a lovely one that will hold a lot more necklaces. 

I walked to Giant Eagle and by this time, I was starved.  I did drink a can of Sprite this morning, but had nothing to eat.  (So much for no soda, but it was no caffeine!)  I ended up getting some orzo salad and hoofed it back to NTB to eat it. 

After I was finished, I couldn't locate a trash can in the waiting area.  I figured the bathroom would have one. 

It was the most disgusting bathroom I've ever seen.  I mean, I really could have gone, but wouldn't go there.  I even texted Hubs about it.  It appeared that the toilet wasn't functioning properly.  The room itself was filthy and so was the waiting area.  The more I sat there, the more grossed out I got.  It wasn't even my inner germaphobe.  It was just my plain person saying, "Yuck." 

The RAV was finished and I made my way to Sam's to buy the gas that they had for the unbelievable steal of $3.99!  :insert much sarcasm:  Considering that there are a few stations around selling gas for $4.39, I guess Sam's isn't so bad.

I ran into the mall to have my rings checked.  I hate the mall.  Truly I do.  I only go there to get my rings checked because I have to.  Thank goodness that the salesman kept trying to have me upgrade the size of my diamond in my engagement ring.  "I like my ring."  "Well, you can either trade it in for something bigger or get something different!"  "Um, no."  "Well, we're taking trade on diamonds right now, so you can bring in any diamonds that you don't have.  You know, diamonds that you have just lying around and we can trade them in for you."

"Sir, the diamonds that I have are the diamonds that I wear.  I don't have any additional."


I mean, I understand that I was dressed in a light fleece, t-shirt and jeans with my hair in a pony tail and two large cold sores decorating the right side of my mouth.  Dude probably thought I just fell off the pumpkin truck. 

Extra diamonds?  I don't think so. 

Of course, he went extra, extra slow so as to hope that I would find something that I couldn't live without.  He was amazed at the talent I possess to put my earrings in my ears without the use of a mirror.  (Apparently, it is a thing that people need often.  Do you need to look in a mirror to get your earrings in?  Just wondering.) 

Pardon me as I go hunting for extra diamonds.  Maybe I do have some.  No, wait!  Those are just glass beads.  Drat.

Smiles in my day:
-  I walked to school to get K- and didn't have an issue with my hip. 
-  K- has a secret Mother's Day gift that she made in class.  I'm so excited!
-  We have a mama Robin sitting in her nest. 
-  Thank goodness I ran out to cover the garden last night.  The sheet was very crispy stiff this morning. 

Have a great weekend!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

HA, I'll loan my extra diamonds (yea right...).

No, I do not need mirror for earrings. I can put my contacts in without one too.

Glad the RAV is well :)

And I paid $4.12 per gallon today so you got a nice deal!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Should I admit that I bought 1 gallon of gas at $4.07 on my debit (I get 10 cents per transaction, making that 1 gallon of gas 3.97) so that I could make it to Sam's? It's so very sad that $3.99 is a deal.

Rach said...

Um, *extra* diamonds? Seriously? Who in the world is this man?!? Sheesh.

No, I don't need a mirror. I too can put in my earrings just fine without one. AND, I too can do the contacts sans mirror.

Gas? Not quite over $4/gallon here--yet. Tourist season is upon us and will be nasty before we know it. :o(