Friday, May 27, 2011


Today's project was to clear clothing from the armoire in our bedroom.  I cruised on that for what seemed like hours and when K- got home, we rolled on over to her drawers.  Since she is long waisted and has a Buddha baby belly (just some roundness, but not overall pudge), we had to do the Dora the Explorer test. 

Shirt on. 

Arms up. 

If her belly hangs out at all from the bottom, she yells, "DORA!" and it gets flipped into the donation pile. 

Today, we got a lot of DORA! yelled out.  That's okay, because my MIL likes to shop clearances and as part of K-'s Christmas gift, MIL gives her summer clothes that she has purchased months in advance.  I also scored some lovlies off the Target clearance rack and between the two, she's well stocked with clothes for the season.

We've cleared out some old clothing.  It makes me happy.  Now if you'll pardon me, I have some laundry to be folded and put away in the newly cleared drawers. 

Smiles in my day:
-  Being able to go together as a family to see the new swing space we'll be in for the next two years while our new school is being built.  It is rather spacious.  It is the old middle school.  Their new school is nearly done and we'll be moving in over the summer. 
-  Clearing out the old.
-  My green bean seeds didn't rot in the ground as I feared.  They are beginning to pop up their little heads, despite the horrendously high amount of rain that we've had.  As of 6 PM, we had at least 3" of rain in the last 24 hours, plus adding days of rain on top of that.  So glad that they are alive and doing well!
-  Replacing the little snapped tomato plant that I grew with a volunteer from the herb garden bed.  The winds have been so high, that they took a little tomato plant out.  It was beheaded!  Ouch!

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Rach said...

LOL! Dora tops! That's AWESOME! :o) I fear Beanie shall have a similar problem. Oh well. :oP

Lil has sprouted up (still a peanut, but definite growth from last year) and I need to cull all the 3T items from her pants drawer. Oops.