Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tales from the Trenches: With the grace of a drunken cow

On Easter Sunday Eve, I went through my closet to find a lovely dress to wear to church.  I decided to run with my "going to a wedding" dress and heels.  I don't wear heels that often, but the shoes I was going to wear had a chunky heel and they were only about 2" high.  Fair enough, right? 

Not when Grace is clearly not your middle name.

We were heading down from the balcony, I was holding onto the railing when one of my heels caught on the lovely red carpeting we have. Y'all, I held on for dear life.  You should have seen the look on the face of the elderly lady right in my path.  I think that she thought I was going to take her out.  You'd be glad to know that I remained on 1 1/2 feet, didn't skid down the steps as I could see myself doing, then did a ta-da! at the bottom.  She laughed and said something that I can't remember, but I do remember my response:
"This is exactly why I don't wear heels."

Hubs was coming down the steps behind me.  "You know, I knew you were going to do that before you did.  I was going to try to catch you, but there was nothing I could do." 

Yup.  The gracefulness of an inebriated Hereford.  That's me.

Smiles in my day:
-  The weather these past couple of mornings have been cooperative enough to allow K- and me to walk to school. 

Have a great day!

Thought for the day: 
I was surprised by how many people I encountered yesterday that did not celebrate Easter.  Clearly, I was in the minority.  When talking with co-workers, I mentioned that my husband made me an Easter basket.  The one called me a diva for it.  (I should add how much I hate that term.)  Have you found the same to be true?  In the Christian religion, Easter is really the high holy day of the year.  I was just surprised to find that many Christians and non-Christians alike seemed to toss it in the Hallmark holiday pile.  Thoughts?


Rach said...

I could SO give you a run for the money on the drunken cow front. :shakes head: I'm just glad you are alright.

Um, a diva? Because your husband gave you some nice gifts? Sheesh.

Easter is the most important holiday of the Christian year--as you well know--so I don't understand how you can scrap it if you claim to be a Christian. I'm confused...

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I trip and fall and slide all the time. Grace is not my middle name either :)

I got chocolate and a new crock pot for Easter. I guess that makes me an uber-diva. Whatever...

I'm with Rach. I don't see how you can scrap it either. It's what our whole religion is based on. We have people very close to us that scrap it. Actually they celebrate it on an "off" day because that works better for them. It's odd, really. We're fasting and they're celebrating. It not only confuses me, it makes me very sad.