Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why? Wednesday

1.  A bit more on the clock bit from yesterday.  Remember that the store that I work in is a sister store to a building next door.  In this season, it isn't out of the ordinary for our drawer to cash out at well less than $400.00.  Whoever stole the $350.00 clock from us took a day of income from our store. 

2.  When K- and I were walking to school this morning, we had to tip toe around piles of dog poop.  The woman who lives at the particular house dubbed "Dog Poop Alley" knows that she has a horse living with her.  (AKA a very large German Sheppard)  Still, she feels the need to leave piles of poop lying all over the sidewalk.  That's gross on so many different levels.  First, it is gross in general.  Okay, okay, people and things poop.  I get it.  Better out than in.  Got it, however, when we're walking to school and talking, what if my child lands in that?  Then she gets stuck at school with poop on her shoe.  Um, gross.  (Yes, I would go back for a trade of shoes, but I'm just giving examples here.)  When walking for exercise, the neighbor next door slid in it.  She didn't fall, but what if someone does.  Gross to think about, but what about someone getting hurt?  Never mind the whole disease thing.  Yarg.

3.  What possesses people to eat fast food, then to fling the garbage out their car window?  Around the corner and a couple of blocks up from Dog Poop Alley, we found that someone had taken a trip through the McD's drive thru.  On my way back, I picked up the napkins, bag and Filet O' Fish boxes that were strewn for about 2 front yard lengths.  Thankfully, it was trash day and there was still a can on the curb that I could dispose of it in.  Still, I wonder if whoever lobbed the stuff out their window would like for their front yard to be filled with garbage?  My guess is probably not.

4.  Japanese nuclear particulate has been found in rain water here.  Grant you, it is extremely low, but it still concerns me.  Whatever it is has a half life of 8 days.  I don't know what that means, but it states that it should completely disappear from the environment in 2-3 months.  We are probably 1/2 a world away from Japan.  The spread of such matter concerns me greatly.  So what if something really big does happen?  You've got your iodine pills (we don't, but would obtain if need be) and here's a good kicker-- I'm allergic to iodine.

Smiles in my day:
-  Waking up this morning with a resolve to be over yesterday's clock fiasco.  In fact, my coworker was puzzled by my upbeat disposition.  I told her that I had taken it in, processed it and let it go.  I pressed on, completed yet another redone display and am moving on to the toy room reset tomorrow.  It's amazing how one display needing redone has caused two entire rooms to be involved, but in the end, it freshened up the joint.
-  K- is getting the rest of her reading done tonight so that she can be awarded her 125 hour reading prize, which is a book.  Which one does she want?  Twister on Tuesday!  Tell me that our family doesn't have a similar theme of interest!  ;)
-  K- is writing her last Book-It report of the year.  What has she chosen to write on?  Star Wars! 

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Um, the sidewalk thing? Really?? Can you not call the authorities about that one? Surely there is some city code that is being violated. I mean, that's DISGUSTING, not to mention extremely unhygienic. UGH UGH UGH

As for the rest, it really makes you wonder what is WRONG with people. :sigh:

Bailey's Leaf said...

Our police department is experiencing cuts and didn't come out when the neighbor's car got keyed in his driveway. I am sure that they could care less about one of their own (yes, it is a police officer who lives there) leaving behind massive piles. In fact, the house next door was sold just this past fall and the previous tenant was a police officer!

Rach said...

You know, that kind of stuff really p's me off. Honestly. The Old Boys' Club is so utterly irritating. I get so angry that there are two sets of rules: One for the police and their cronies, and one for the rest of us. Grr.

Rach said...

Oo oo! I've got it! You are quite the letter writer--maybe an letter to the editor of the local paper, submitted anonymously? Call them on it!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Adding to my to-do list, eh? Actually, that is a very good point. Tis the season for thawing piles, after all. Thanks!