Friday, March 25, 2011

We have babies!

Okay, not those kind of babies.  We have sprouts!  Just look!

We have collard green babies and basil babies and a holly hock baby and a sungold baby. 
I know that I've raved about it, but I truly do think that the seedling heat mat makes all the difference.  What I have is basically this, but my heat mat and seed tray sit in a styrofoam base, which keeps everything a little toastier.  There's a little notch in the styro base for the plug to come out.  Hubs found mine for $4.97 at a discount store.  For the first 48 hours or so, I kept the entire greenhouse closed up.  I've kept the mat on since I planted the seeds and started propping the lid up overnight starting Tuesday evening.  That way, air can circulate and keep (or cut down) on any mold growth.  We're zone 5, so we can't plant until at least May 15, but we're better to wait about a week from that.

My sister and I will be swapping my last year seed leftovers for some seed potatoes.  She's grown them before and was really rather pleased with her results.  I'm excited to get rolling with them! 

I've decided to loop a little garden swoop area around next to the shed.  We talked about it when the shed was set down on my beloved garden plot.  That will give me a place to put the collards and carrots.  I'll probably do green beans on an upside down tomato cage again.  That worked very well.  and didn't take a ton of space. 

Though I woke up this morning with my car licked with a dusting of snow, my green thumb is itching to get something into the ground. 

Smiles in my day:
-  K- had a great day and lunch wasn't an issue.  She talked to Mrs. S- about it and let her know what happened. 
-  Mrs. S- grabbed me up to slip K-'s book order books to me.  I ordered some Magic Tree House books, a Magic School House book and the Junior Novelization of Tangled for K- for her Easter basket.  (I'm horrible.  I don't do candy in her basket.  My MIL and my mom take care of that.  Don't worry.  She doesn't feel slighted.  She has never even mentioned it.) 
-  My SIL closed on her house today.  We're so excited for them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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