Friday, March 4, 2011

Things accomplished.

1.  Walking K- to school and home after volunteering, then back to school and home again.  That, my friends, is 4 miles. 
2.  In between all that, I managed to get the house 2/3 clean, laundry handled 2/3, beds stripped and remade, bathroom 100% clean and I'm on my way to putting the adult laundry away.
3.  K- and I visited the dental unit to get the ALL CLEAR!  Yes, when they announced that K- was yet again cavity free, I did the good Baptist thing, raised my hands and giggled while dancing and saying, "Praise Jesus!"  When it comes to K- and her teeth, believe me, they feel the same way. 
4.  Speaking of, K- is just now getting her 6 year molars.  One is coming in and 3 are sitting in wait.  Once those are in and because of K-'s history of crubby teeth (thank you birth status), she will be getting the biting surfaces of her teeth sealed.  The hygienist in charge of ordering supplies assured me that it is all BPA free, so that is a great thing.  For K-, any extra help we can get is fantastic.  And as for a looseness report?  Nuthin.  Dr. Rick laughed and said that absolutely nothing is loose in any way.  I told him that was God's reward to us for taking such good care of her teeth with him.  Renee, the hygienist, did tell me that the longer the teeth stay in, the better the permanent teeth will be. 
5.  I got a fantastic report, too!  Dr. Rick told me that my teeth were beautiful and other than a spot of trouble early on, my teeth have been good to go.  (I had a 10 year dental hiatus that gave me many fillings to tackle for several years as a result.  We're past that now.)
6.  I did the 30 Day Shred and did a much better job today than I did Tuesday.  I was up and had been running around so much beforehand, that I think I was a lot better stretched out and warmed up than before.  Rachael told me that and a friend confirmed it.  I felt so much better afterwards.  I had enough time to go, freshen up, throw on a coat and walk to get K-.  I didn't sit and turn into a pile and I think that helped, too.
7.  I found out that my sore throat could have been from my improperly breathing while exercising.  Who knew?
8.  The RAV is scheduled for the recall repair tomorrow.  Will the lovely dealership be kind enough to run it through the wash before they give it back?  It would be delightful if they did.

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Have a great weekend!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Glad your sore throat doesn't appear to be illness related. The stomach virus has plagued our house. M had it and I think I've had a touch of it (not as bad as him. He destroyed his bedroom carpet. Took me 2 days to get it back to normal...). Stay healthy!!