Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prayers for Japan

Sometimes when disasters happen, we look at the people as just people.  We've seen scenes like this before.  There was the Phuket tsunami, Chile, Haiti and more.  Then in our own homeland, many disasters (natural and otherwise) that tend to blanket people into one lump sum.

But people aren't one mass. 

We need to step back, pull the faces from the mass photos and know that at the very least, they are the daughter or son of someone.  The missing, injured and ones affected are fathers, mothers, grandparents, friends, co-workers and more. 

So many of the missing won't be found. 

I remember when the Oklahoma City bombing happened.  I was in between class and going on to work.  I worked at a psychologist's office with my mom.  She had been pulling the earlier shift.  I remembered seeing the devastation.  One particular child touched my heart.  There was a fireman carrying a rag doll of a little girl.  Shortly after the photo of Baylee was taken, she passed away.  That image has stayed with me forever.  In fact, our Bailey was named because of Baylee. 

My heart goes out to Japan.  Earthquake.  Tsunami.  After shocks.  Potential nuclear meltdown. 

We need to wrap Japan in our loving and prayerful arms.


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Thank you for writing this and for commenting on my blog and following my blog for real information through this difficult time ♥