Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lenten sacrifice

Up until I was 8, I was Catholic.  I did the baptism, First Holy Communion and CCD.  When my parents divorced, we left the Catholic church and joined the Baptist church.  (Yes, quite a huge difference.)  The church that I grew up in and the church that we attend now do not do any type of Lent sacrifice through the season of Lent.

If I'm not saying all of this right, just be patient. 

At any rate, my friend Rachael has proposed on her blog that she will be getting off ye ole box for Lent.  Not all together, but she won't be on the amount of time she usually is.

Rachael and I talk all the time.  Sometimes we're on at the same time. 

So, I've decided to buddy up with Rachael and do a bit of Lenten-ness myself.  The box?  I'm not turning it off all the way.  I am, however, not going to be so pressed about hoping online and frittering away the time that I do.  My comment on her blog was that I feel like I was doing really well.  Then, we were slammed by a winter that will never end.  The evenings that we would usually walk have been replaced by homework.  K- is in bed between 8-8:30 PM, Hubs and I either watch a movie or split ways and he plays video games and I fritter time away on the box. 

Daylight savings time is coming this weekend (HOORAY!) and that signals my time to be a bit more productive. 

Last night, K- was suffering from an ear ache.  I'm happy to say that it is feeling better, but she just wanted to snuggle into her bed and read.  And read.  And read.  She read almost all of Junie B and the Stupid Smelly Bus.  (Yes, she knows that stupid is not a word that is okay.)  I think that I logged her reading for an hour and a half.  She read to Hubs and me.  I took a bath and she read to Hubs.  He took a shower, then she read to me.  He had to get up before 5 AM, so he got into bed early and she came in and read to him and me again.  Then, she read in bed to herself for probably another half hour.  It is important for her to read to herself, but it is also important for her to read to us.  That's not only for the atagirl, but the correction of a word or two when she struggles. 

If I'm on the box, that can't happen.

The blogging?  It'll be not every day, but I'll be around. 

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

You and me, my friend. We walk this road together frequently. ;o) I blame the winter. It was long and icky on your end, and for me? Um, give me a minute and I can come up with something...;o)