Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does it count if I say my kid did it? Well, and other fine things to blog about.

I was a wienie.  Yup.  There you have it.  I had to skate out of the Shred yesterday.  I felt like a truck had plowed me over, but I was pretty well convinced that it wasn't all Jillian's doing.  My throat was sore and I was sore in a way that was other than getting a 22 minute butt kicking. 

My child?  So excited to exercise, decided to Shred on her own.  I sat and watched.  She did work up a sweat. 

Does that count? 

I've sucked down a few Oscillo over the last 24 and I'm happy to say that I'm back up and on track.  Because I don't want to have my husband see me flopping all over the floor, I'll wait to Shred until he leaves for work, but I've already logged in 2 miles of walking today.  I'll bust out 2 more miles here in a bit when I go to retrieve said child. 

In the meantime, I'm back up and functioning at full speed.  I admit that I'm still a little Jillian sore, but it's all good. 

Other things on my mind:
1.  The bumper sticker on the car in front of me yesterday that said, "God fearin', Gun packin', CONSERVATIVE."  Okay, well, they have me on the God fearing part.  I'm not a gun girl and I'm not conservative, much less in capital letters.  Well, that's unless you count conservative in a few different areas such as environment, excess in home life and whatnot.  Definitely not what they were speaking of.  Still, I'm not a fan of the concealed carry law.  It makes me extremely uneasy to know that people are walking around armed (law enforcement excluded) and in the same places that my child, husband, I and my family occupy/visit.
2.  Why is there a man going around and protesting being gay at funerals of servicemen?  Julia and I discussed this yesterday.  (It was on NPR.)  Is it within his rights of free speech?  Yes.  Is it socially acceptable?  No.  Has he considered how he would feel if someone did that to him?  I'm sure that he's been asked and he probably fluffed it off.  (I've not researched this, so feel free to call me on it.  You know I'm always good to hear the other side that is constructively stated.)  This is where my not being conservative in capital letters comes in.  I'm an artist with many people I'm friends with that are gay.  Does that bother me or my husband?  No.  I understand that there are people who feel uneasy about people and sexual orientation.  It's a fact of life.  Still, not so cool to do what he is doing.  I feel it isn't right at all even though his rights dictate that he is lawfully demonstrating and doesn't that fall under "judge not, lest ye be judged?"  Why funerals much less military funerals for people who died for our country?  Wow.
3.  I had the most thankful children in work yesterday that I've ever encountered ever.  They were in with their grandmother and they definitely were the sort of folk to visit the touchable art.  Financially, purchasing didn't seem to be a doable thing for them.  (Okay, I hear you about the judging thing above.  Just hear me out.)  Grandma bought them two little things from the toy room.  It was well under two dollars, but it made them so happy.  Then, I gave them some chocolate coins that we had left over from the buyers market we just went to.  Those two children thanked me time and time again and enjoyed those chocolates as if they were the best thing they were ever given.  It made my heart so happy.

Smiles in my day:
-  Seeing Mr. Jim (the crossing guard) in the mornings again while on foot.  So happy to be back to walking again!
-  Trying to get myself on the road to exercise.  Not one of my favorite things at all.  I'm trying. 
-  Crock-pot red beans and brown rice with turkey sausages for dinner.  We have a 4 PM dental appointment about a half hour away and Hubs works late tonight.  It'll be me and K- and our sausages. 

I have a house to clean.  Must move on.  Have a great day!

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