Friday, February 18, 2011

When K- opened the door to leave for school, she exclaimed, "MOM!  I SEE GRASS!"  I know, baby, it's been a good long while.

I opened the door and I could almost hear Smudge say, "MOM!  WE HAVE GRASS!"  Yes, baby, I know.  It has been quite a while. 

The geranium that I wintered over on the storm crock in the basement actually successfully wintered over!  It is the first success in wintering over a plant that I've ever had.  I have Julia to thank for this one.  She gave me this orphan from her yard sometime in October.
Mom, could you put that thing away?

Thaw things of today:
-  The mail woman was delivering mail while wearing a short sleeved shirt in 50 F.
-  I had our windows open for probably 4 hours this AM and early afternoon while the temperature was a lovely 55 F.
-  K- was begging to go without a coat because she was so hot.
-  The lawn is appearing.
-  The drive is puddling in areas where the gravel has park depressions from our vehicles sitting in the same places, since the ice had made vehicle parking spots for us.
-  Our bedroom window is still open and it is 9:48 PM on Thursday.  It is currently 54 F.
-  I just noticed that Saturday - Monday is calling for 38 F or so and eeek! snow on Monday.  Rrrrr.
-  K- went for a run up and down the walk today.
-  I didn't slide on any ice while walking with her.
-  I didn't walk through parking lot sludge while on my way in or out of Target.
-  Winter is dirty.  The last storm called for the city to start spreading cinders.  Environmentally friendlier and cheaper, but very dirty.  Add to that the pollution that was layered between bouts of accumulation and now it is all appearing all at once.  Well, that and piles of non-frozen dog poo.  Nice.
-  I drove with my car window down a lot today.

Smiles in my day:
-  Friends are coming for a play date tomorrow.  We have a conference compensation day, so we'll be spending time with friends that we haven't been able to hang with for a while.
-  Hubs making big plans with K- for President's Day on Monday.
-  Chocolate.
-  Planning the annual family Easter Egg Hunt today with my sister.  I used to do it for K-'s family, but most have kind of aged out of the egg thing, but I've passed my egg filling talents on to the kids of our family.  We have the traditional pot o' stone soup bubble on the stove while the men of the family go hide eggs.  We ladies dye eggs (or the floor) with the kids.  They run.  They hunt.  They hang together.  It's a good thing!
-  50 cent books on the Target dollar rack clearance.  K- loves new books.  You can't beat 50 cents for a new book!

Have a great weekend!


Rach said...

Grass is good. It's coming. Hang in there!

(Nice photo of Smudge.) :o)

Rach said...

Oh, and two more things. One, I LOVE your front door. It's GORGEOUS!

Two, I'm loving the new springy blog look. :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I had our front screen door open for hours today (it was too windy to open anything else). It was heaven. The boys were outside playing for a few hours too. That was heaven too.
I love seeing grass. I know it's not over but I'll take the promise of spring. I'm a happy girl.
J likes your kitty. He'd like to know it's name.
Oh and cinders.... that's we use around here. It's hideous. Good for environment, bad for everything else :(

Bailey's Leaf said...

That would be Smudge. She was dumped in the park when she was about a month old. We've had her since our 1st year of marriage. When she arrived, she was on the edge of death. She had fleas, ticks, burrs, her left eye was swollen shut and her mouth was all ulcerated. She was plucked up by a hawk and dropped back down. (Visitors saw it.) We nursed her back to health. She's a 12 1/2 lb very spoiled cat who likes to bite and is generally unpleasant. She's not a lap kitty and she's not big on scratches. She has big issues from kittyhood. K- would like to give her away and get a dog.