Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things that made me smile today.

1.  My people and their plans to spoil me this weekend.

2.  Advil.

3.  Diet Coke.

4.  Ginger snaps.

5.  Homemade cheesecake.  Chocolate chip cheesecake.  Yes, I made it.  I'm not afraid to admit that it is delicious.

6.  Planning K-'s valentine party for tomorrow.

7.  Knowing that her teacher knows me well enough to not worry about the details.

8.  PBS.

9.  Seeing the Statue of Liberty on "Becoming American" on PBS and knowing that my child's obsession with it says that we will revisit Lady Liberty again someday.  We will spend as much time there as she wants and we will be able to get off the boat this time at Ellis Island to research great grandparents.  Theater tickets prevented us on our whirlwind weekend in November.

10.  K- coming to the conclusion that she will just "anor" the boastful child in her class and not say mean and hateful things like are often said to her and her classmates. 

11.  Dropping off balloons and a tacky solar powered dancing flower to Aunt Donna for Valentine's Day.  We kept our distance, as she is still working on overcoming her cold.  I complimented her for climbing into clothes this time and not greeting me in her jammies.  I told her that was a step up!

12.  K- saw bags that had slipped from a store display and she worked to move them out of the way for people.  If she sees product that falls on the floor, she'll re-shelf it.  She helped a lady at a big box store pick up all sorts of product that had fallen into a giant heap in the middle of the floor and needed tidied. 

13.  Hubs' attempt at trying to build a better mousetrap, well so to speak.  Hubs is tired of the squirrels ripping up our Droll Yankee bird feeder and he tried to create a guard cap from a bottle he had.  It didn't work.  Tomorrow, I will be on the quest to purchase plastic popcorn bowls as feeder guards. 

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

I once saw a program on squirrels that was utterly fascinating. They are ingenious critters who LEARN and put that knowledge to work to overcome obstacles to food. It's insane, quite frankly. The only thing that worked for us was that expensive Yankee Flipper. I got a great deal on it, but it was still pretty pricey for a bird feeder. However, it has provided HOURS of entertainment watching the squirrels go for a spin. :oP

All this to say, I wish Hubs luck in his efforts to deter the squirrels. :oS

Lil is like K and will clean up any messes in stores. It's quite lovely MOST of the time...except for when I'm in a hurry. ;o)

"Anoring" the boastful child is the way to go. Excellent plan, K. :o)

And, the rest of the smiles are wonderful! I can't wait until you take that next trip to NYC and Lady Liberty. I shall live vicariously and thoroughly enjoy myself. :o)