Monday, February 21, 2011

Just when it almost all melted.

Yup.  Snow.  Again.  And rain to come.  And ice.  And cold.  :(  I'm normally a good winter sport, but this year I am d.o.n.e.  K- was so sad.  Her chalk drawings that she worked on for the last few days for hours are gone.  :(

Our winter weather advisory that was due to expire Sunday night at 10 PM is now due to expire on Monday morning at 7 AM.  Argh.

Here are some things that made me tip my head to the side this weekend:
-  Why is it that K- and I kept getting plowed over by people with carts rushing ahead of us in line?  Both places this happened at, K- and I had a few things in hand.  The people had carts and special orders.  One woman said, "Oh, um." :insert weird giggle:  All I could say was, "Don't worry Ma'am, it appears to be the theme of the day." 
-  The "Real" Housewives of - - - ?  I've never watched the show.  It seems that these folks are not likely to be scrubbing their own floors, tackling laundry stains with the talents of a true laundress determined to have clothing spot-free or possibly even making their own bed.  (I'm a bed maker.  It's all Mom's fault.)  I know that the shows are popular, but wonder if it is the allure of the rich and sometimes infamous, a look into the world that most of us don't live in, or if it is just flat a train wreck and you can't help but to watch. 
-  Bob the Builder, This Old House, Ask This Old House, Victory Garden, Antiques Roadshow, Curious George, Simply Ming, Arthur, Between the Lions, Rick Steves' Europe, Clifford, Craft in America, Cyberchase, Faces of America, Julia Child, Kratt's Creatures, Maya and Miguel, The National Parks, 1900 House, Sid the Science Kid, Word Girl, Zoboomafoo, Nature, America's Test Kitchen, Lidia's Italy . . . I would be incredibly sad to see these programs elimated.  Honestly, we have antenna cable.  We love PBS.  Obviously, we watch it quite a bit here.  General cable scares me anyhow. 
-  Why there can't be more narrow Stride Rite sandals available for my child to wear with her Easter dress other than one (yes, one) pair.  They are cute, which is great, but selection!  My kid can't be the only kid with very narrow feet.  With any luck, they'll fit. 

Smiles in my weekend:
-  Spending a day at home with my people.
-  Making a pot of chicken corn chowder (it grew and had to move to a bigger pot).  It was delicious!  We'll be having it for the next few days.
-  Greek yogurt.
-  The fact that K- was able to play outside for HOURS! at a time (Praise Jesus!!!) for several days this weekend.  It was very windy and a bit cold, so it was necessary to have a full hat on and hood up and fastened, but it was all good.  She had lots of fun swinging, drawing, chippin' and playing soccer. 

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Oh NO! I'm sorry about the snow. :oS

Sandals? I'm here in the land of outlets--including a Stride-Rite outlet. Would you like me to take a peek for narrow sandals for K? Just let me know size. I can usually pick up a pair for under $20.

Yeah, I don't get the "Real Housewives" thing. What is "real" about them? They are like no housewives *I* know.

PBS? Amen. Nice post below. I thought of doing the same thing.

Greek yogurt? LOVE it! I put a 1/2 cup over frozen fruit as a nice snack.

Chicken and corn chowder? I'll be over for dinner in about what, 12 hours? ;o)

Have a great day!! :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

I have the Stride Rites on order, but next time I'll remember to ask. Narrows are painful to find. Nike are traditionally more narrow cut, so tennis shoes aren't a problem. LL Bean MJanes fit well, so we go with those. Stride Rite is really about the only narrow I find for dress sandals. I tried Birks on her when she was about 2. They ate gigantic bleeding blisters into her skinny minny feet, that left her for a week without shoes so she could heal. I love them for me, but won't try them again on her.

If you can't lower yourself to scrub a toilet, you shouldn't call yourself a housewife. Just sayin'. (Although I hate the term anyhow.)

CCChowder? The pot grew. There's more than enough. If you leave now, then you should be here by 9:30 or so tonight, right? ;) Someday, you know.