Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need a shirt that says, "I survived Book Fair Day!"

The Scholastic Book Fair was today at our school.  The one mom was talking about it and I told her, "Hey, it's on my day off.  I'll help you."

I'm so glad that I did.  It was me and her until about 1:45 PM.  Oh, she had people who said that they would help and they showed up hours after they said that they would be there.


We had interim pick-up tonight, so we knew that we would be busy at 2:30 PM when school let out.  We had staff show up to roam the floor to help people.  Kay and I did the cash register and bagging.  We saw the end of the first non-stop line at 4:30 PM. 

We saw so many books go out tonight.   I truly am excited for all of the incredible reading that will be going on since we are expected to have two more waves of snow storms.  In the end, we ended up selling $4214.00 in books. 


K- came in with me this AM at 8:00 AM and she didn't leave until I did at 7 PM.  She got many compliments for hanging in there and doing so well.  Many parents said that their child would have never held up.  An 11 hour day?  Yup, mine amazed me and I'm thrilled.  I only had to bark at her once.  (The first and middle name belted out in the "I'm not happy" tone over a crowd.  She straightened right up.)

Kay, K- and I closed the joint down with Mr. B- (the principal) in tow.  Suffice it to say, we are all quite tired.  It was a good day.  We accomplished much.  Kay and I make a great team! 

Smiles in my day:
-  K- had a great report today at interim pick-up. 
-  The book fair went well!
-  The fire alarm was pulled by a kindergartner while we were having interim pick-up/the book fair.  There was no real fire, the building was cleared, everyone was polite and great. 
-  I will sleep well tonight.

Have a great and safe weekend.

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Rach said...

I bet you DID sleep well! And K too. Wow. Those 11 hour days are killers. I know. I've been there. :shakes head:

So, I'm guessing if the snow did hit, that K is enjoying a bit of a lie-in today and that Hubs is more than happy to let her do it. :oP

I'm so happy the book fair went so well. :o) Book Fair is always one of my favorite times of the year. I would go into the library every day and make a pile. And every day I would ADD to my pile. Oh, the pile of books I had... My girls always benefited from my book obsession...;o)