Monday, February 7, 2011

Dishin' Dinners Day and 4 AM is far too early.

Meatless Monday/Tuesday-  Spaghetti with tomato sauce and salad.
Wednesday/Thurs-  Crock-pot creamed chicken and veggies over homemade-ish egg noodles.  (No, not me. The nice freezer section at the store has them on sale this week.)
Friday- Cold tuna noodle salad (Crazy day. 100 book challenge book passing, Dr. appt, Valentine Party, visit with Aunt Donna.) 
Saturday- Eat out. (A rarity for us.)

My daughter.  My beloved daughter.  Oh, bless her.  The dear was SOOOOO! excited to go to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon that she woke at 4 AM, yes 4 AM, and began to tidy her room.  (It needs it.  A decree went out that no Saturday morning cartoons would be watched until the situation was helped in some way.)  At 4 in the oh-my-heavens-too-early 30 in the AM, my dear sweet came to my side of the bed.

"Good morning, Mommy!" 

"K-, it's 4:30 AM."

"I cleaned my room."

"At 4:30?"

"Uh, huh." 

:insert flump of flower pillow and plonk of a baby doll on my chest as the feet were scampering up the side of the bed and flopping in between the husband and me:

"K-, you must be quiet."

:whispering:  "Okay, Mommy."

:time goes by with some flip flopping:

"Mommy?  It's 5:10!"

"K-?  Shhhh."

She kept announcing the time until I threatened to kick her out.  She went to watch cartoons at 7 AM for one hour.  I laid in bed and watched the Today show.  I couldn't fall back to sleep.

I told her that I was going to mandate a nap.  (Yes, I said mandate.)  "But I'm a big girl.  I don't need a nap."  After cutting her bangs about 12,000 times before they were completely straight and painting her fingernails AND toe nails, she announced, "You know, Mommy, I think I need to lie down." 

She took a 1 1/2- 1 3/4 hour nap.

I'm glad to say that she had a terrific time at the party.  I'm also pleased to say that we all slept well on Saturday night and K- did not show up at my bedside until 7:12 AM. 

Smiles in my weekend:
-  K- got her report card on Friday.  It was a bit delayed because of snow.  She has maintained or improved her grades, which pleased both of us immensely. 
-  Getting to see all the work that April and her husband have done on her parents house.  They have worked so hard and I pray that the house sells quickly.
-  K-'s extreme excitement for her friend's birthday party.  Others were beyond excited, too.  They had a cousin show up a few hours early because she just couldn't wait anymore.  May these little girls continue their excitement for the simple things in life.
-  My brother.  He landed at my sister's house this weekend, where his children excitedly awaited tacos for early dinner.  He popped in at my Mom and Dad's house.  It made my Mom's heart so happy to see him with the kids and so very happy.
-  Getting to hang out with friends and get the updates of their lives.
-  The in-law's invited us to see the Super Bowl at their house.  We were all last minute about it, but I think Hubs' dad was very pleased to have someone to watch the game with.
-  A fellow 7 year old in K-'s kids church shared with her that she is 7 (a month older, actually) and she has lost NO! teeth so far.  To K-, who has been feeling a bit left out of the dental shedding rite of passage, this made her feel better to know that she's not the only one on the wait.

Have a wonderful day!

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Rach said...

You KNOW I'm feeling your pain on the 4:00 awakening. I know I'll get a full night's sleep again...someday. ;oP