Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tales from the Trenches: The idiot parent back tracks on math.

(Had to move my Tuesday Tales from the Trenches to Wednesday 'cause we had to recognize Hubs' birthday, of course!)

K- was doing very well in math.  They started working on shapes and volume in class and I ended up back sliding.  She was never a child that was thrilled with flash cards and it was a fight to get her to do them.

I gave her a break during break and during volume studies.  Whooo boy, could you tell.

:thunks to the forehead:

So, it's taken about 2 weeks of worksheets every night, but we've pulled her back around.  You know what?  She loves doing the worksheets.  Flashcards be gone! 

So, where have I found these delightful worksheets?  Here.  They have an addition worksheet generator that I use.  You plug the values into the chart, hit submit and it pops a worksheet up for you.  The neato thing?  You can hit the refresh button and it will flip you a new worksheet. 

They have subtraction worksheets, but not on a generator format.  That makes me sad, but it is a free resource and I'm glad to have it.

I've also gone through and printed their clock worksheets.  Much like the addition worksheets, they ask you a series of questions and then you hit submit.  K-'s class is working on up to the quarter hour.  They aren't to the 5 or 1 minute breakdown yet.  Still, a lovely thing to use. 

It pulled us out of our math rut.  Any educational finds that you have online that I could use for a 1st grader?

Smiles in my day:
-  1 W-2 in.  Just waiting on another.  And a mortgage interest statement.  Soon the taxes will be done.

My people trying to lift a car at COSI the other day.  Hubs reports that it was harder than he thought, but they did lift it a ways.
  -  Birthday cake for breakfast.  Why not?
-  K- has two bonus words for spelling.  She was just given them yesterday and she has the word "January" down.  (I made up a goofy song.)  She would have had "winter" but she forgot the 'e.'  She'll have it by Friday.

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

I'm off to bed in just a moment, but I wanted to share this link with you. This was my go-to worksheet maker for second grade. :o)