Friday, January 21, 2011

A miscellaneous mish-mosh of whatnot.

My sister's spirits are much better today.  She has taken my ribbing about my 20 month old nephew soon thinking that she's an amusement park replacement very well.  The other day, she cried.  I didn't mean to make her cry!

LeAnne and the girls have decided that they like walking so much, that they will be walking once a week when the truck is all repaired.  They would walk more, but they are in the country and without sidewalks. 

100 Book Challenge took me about an hour and a half to update today.  Sure beats the intense 3 + hours last week.  It was well worth it.  It is all back on track and good to go!

Dropping pot pie off and seeing Isabel!  She sure is a peanut, but she'll grow up quick.  Cutie patootie little thing.  Slept the whole time I held her and for the little flour sack of weight that she is, my arm had a cramp after.  I'm out of practice!

Hmmm.  There has to be more.

Oh, yes!  Hubs has a birthday coming up and he HAD been planning on us going to visit the Carnegie Science Museum, but they are closed on Sunday due to the Pittsburgh Steelers game, which happens to be right next door.  (If I'm wrong, it's at least very close.)  Rrr.  Happy for the city, but sad that we can't visit there.  We had tossed around the idea of visiting other places in Pittsburgh, but Hubs had a nightmare about being caught in the city during game day festivities and he has decided that Columbus is a great place to visit.  We'll visit COSI and have lunch at the Franklin Park Conservatory.  K- was too young to fully enjoy COSI the last time we were there, so she'll have an even better time this time.  She's still to small to ride the High Wire Unicycle, but we checked and I'm tall enough-- with 2" to spare! 

Right now, I need to put sheets back on K-'s bed and re-make it.  Can I tell you how I don't feel like doing it?  (Yes, I'm doing it anyhow because sleeping without sheets is not an option.)

I think that is about all my brain has to give for the day.  I'm out! 

Have a great weekend!

Smiles in my day:
-  Sprinkled in above.


Rach said...

Okay, can I come and do Hubs' birthday with you? That just looks like too much fun! :o) COSI in particular.

That is a happy mish moshy list. :o)

Happy Friday, friend!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Happy Birthday Hubs. I hope you all have fun in Columbus.

Go Steelers :)