Thursday, December 23, 2010

While the icing sets and the bath water runs . . .

A quick post.

I managed to complete getting the items needed for K-'s Christmas gift from me.  I needed to have a leisurely stroll through the craft store.  (AKA without child.)  Today was the day.  I went to the mega locally owned craft store and found some wonderful wooden kits to include with K-'s tool kit.  They were on sale for a dollar a piece, which was a wonderful surprise.  She'll be able to build a western fort, a log cabin, an antique car, a bird house, a doll (that she'll be able to clothe from my scraps) and a primitive snowman that she can paint and accessorize.  I bought some glue and nails to include in her kit.  Hubs wanted me to get her a hack saw, but I'm holding out for a little while on that one.  Let's see how she does with his. 

The house is cleaned and just needs a dusting.  The laundry is washed and dried.  It is presently heaped on my bed so that I can fold it.  That will be done this evening and tomorrow I will do clothing distribution.  I'll be back on the line drying band wagon.  I always fall off in December, but I don't think that is that bad considering that I line dry all the rest of the year. 

I stopped by the grocery to pick up items to make ramen noodle coleslaw for tomorrow night and broccoli cheese casserole for Christmas lunch at my parents house.  I'll be making homemade granola and taking along a tub of vanilla yogurt to add to the Christmas breakfast that we'll be having at my in-law's. 

This evening, we've kicked back and decided to watch Elf.  Polar Express was on and yikes.  I just can't do it. 

I've made plans with Aunt Donna to stop by and visit tomorrow.  She threatened me not to bring anything into her house for a gift, so I will be verbally telling her that we'll be taking her out to lunch to a restaurant of her choosing for a Christmas gift.  Dealing with Grandma's apartment clearing has gotten my aunt to really clear out the items that she has amassed over the years.  Considering that I'm the one that will be given the task when her time comes, I appreciate all of her efforts now more than she could possibly know.

A goofy thing that possibly only Rachael and Sissy could appreciate.  I had two good curly hair days.  I mean, it was curly hair down with nothing pinning it up and out of my face or anything.  Call that a Christmas miracle all and of itself. 

While on the hunt through the party box this week for supplies for the birthday extravaganza, I found my container of simmering spices.  Right now, my house smells of a delightful mix of cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, star anise and cloves.  Delightful.  I promised Hubs that we can throw the contents of the simmering pot away on Monday, so as to avoid growing the awful mold that seems to bloom rather quickly on my resting spice mixture.

With that, a bath awaits me as my husband builds the gingerbread structure.  I made the icing and have readied the candy pieces.  When I build it, it collapses.  Somehow, a gingerbread tenement doesn't scream Christmas cheer. 

Have a great night! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lots of things. Lots of stuff. Lots more whatnot.

Rachael thought something was wrong.  I normally post.  Rachael and I normally e-mail back and forth at least a time or two a day.

The box?  It has been silent.

I'll re-run to give you a look at what all has been going on. 

Friday was dough day.

Saturday was baking day.  The stove was on from 9 AM - 7:30 PM.  I held to my promise.  What was baked was baked.  Brownies didn't make the cut this year and neither did chocolate covered pretzels, but all is well.

Sunday was church, then home to work on birthday preparations, bundling cookies and getting bags assembled to take to my parents house so that every gift (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) were delivered and out of my house.

Sunday evening was birthday party set-up.  Our church has an additional building on the property that they built about 15 years ago.  It is a multi-purpose building.  It is a carpeted gymnasium with a stage, and kitchen.  They had a big screen that we could bring down and they loaned us their projector.

I worked until 4 PM on Monday, then went on to more party prep.  I would have 25 children and a variety of parents on hand for the party.  We had a big screen viewing of Willy Wonka, pizza, rainbow cupcakes and other treats and things to eat.  Everyone had a great time and K- really loved being able to spend time with all her friends.

Tuesday was the day that K- had an American Girl Tea Party date with her friend, E-.  Now K- and E- have been friends since birth and the girls have never once fought about anything.  The reports that have come back from Adam and Nora that K- was delightful and the girls had a great time.  Makes my heart happy.

I worked all day on Tuesday.  Monday we were slammed, but Tuesday was a little more on the steady side.  I was able to step out and meet up with Paul.  Paul is the massage therapist that the boss' hire for us.  On Monday, Paul massaged my hands.  While doing that, I asked if he could tell the handedness of someone without them telling so and he said that he pretty much could.  He said that I was ambidextrous, which I've always kind of known. 

More about Paul and the work that he does.  He found that my back was hurting when I hadn't even realized.  When he started touching, I could see how tender it was and he went to work. 

Today, my back is aching.  Deep tissue work hurts.  It works, but it hurts.

Speaking of today, we were busy.  It was delightful, though.  I ended up being the big order desk.  I ran the back counter almost all on my own and ended up pulling in over $2100.00 in sales nearly all on my own.  (No, we get no commission and I'm quite fine with that.)  I had one couple buy $490.00 worth of things that needed to be individually gift wrapped.  They had at least 20 items, so I sent them on to lunch and announced that I was out of commission until I was done.  I knew that it would take me at least an hour.  (About half were things that were very breakable.)  I got everything done and called the gentleman to let him know that it was ready to be picked up.  He said that he had just signed his lunch check and was happy to return.  I told him that I worked it that way on purpose.  ;)

I was busy up until the bitter end, drove on home to my people waiting for me to go to see the Christmas lights.  Today is Happy Home Day for K-, so we celebrate by going to see Christmas lights every year.  (Happy Home Day is often referred to as "Gotcha Day" by many others.  Happy Home Day is the day that K- arrived to be with our family.  We always give her the tale of how she got to be ours and often make a trip past "her hospital.")  We had a great time.

Tomorrow we will sleep in.  Hubs has made the request that the alarm is not turned on.  (I always turn it on even on days that I don't work!)  Sleeping in may be to 7:30 - 8 AM, but anything will do.  We have plans on building the gingerbread house.  I'll finish assembling the cookie gifts that I'll have for K- to distribute throughout the neighborhood on Friday. 

See?  I haven't been ignoring you!

Smiles in my days:
-  Sprinkled in above.

Have a great day!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Right there at the big ole number 7.


It's 11:48 PM on December 19, 2010.  In just 12 minutes, you will change from being my 6 year old to my big 7 year old.

Now why'd you go and do that?  I'm just kidding, you know. 

You love to read.  You've learned to spell so well that air spelling things while you are in the room is not an option anymore.  You know what I'm spelling!  In fact, you've earned a 100% on every spelling test this year!

You are a work-it-out-in-your-brain math kid.  Mrs. S- says to have you keep it up.

You love to build things.  You can swing a hammer, follow directions and do a pretty good job at making something work.

You've become quite a problem solver.  I encourage you to sit and think about what you need to do and you get things all worked out. 

You love to play in the snow.  I don't just mean love, but I mean L.O.V.E.  If it weren't so cold, you would do nothing but play in snow.

You love the slip and slide, catching butterflies, digging in the sandbox or the dirt and playing on the swing set. 

You love swimming and soccer. 

You love your toys and don't want to give anything away.  The thought of parting with anything, even a tiny scrap of paper, brings you to tears.  That is why I thin the herd when you aren't home. 

This year you've learned to stand on your own two feet with the bully thing.  You don't bully back, but you don't take what is dished out. 

You still love playing with the girls and running with the boys.

And yes, D- still wants to marry you. 

When the weather is nice enough, you love to stay after school until the last bell rings so that you can play with your friends. 

You've been in speech for over a year and I see quite a lot of improvement.  Right now, you are working on remembering to say "Heather" and not "hedder" and "weather" and not "wedder." 

You are still young enough to like snuggleupagussin' with me.  You love to "steal [my] warmness." 

We found out this year that you are quite a good shot.  We aren't gun people, but while visiting Bass Pro Shop, you were able to shoot a BB gun.  Imagine the surprise on gentleman's face when he saw that you shot straight through the center of the target.  You loved playing with the Nerf cross bow when we were there just last month.  In fact, Dad got one for you for Christmas.  (Shhh.  You aren't supposed to know.)

You are a fun kid.  You can get a whine on, though.  You are a big help.  Like everyone else, you love to feel needed. 

Baby, we are so glad that we were chosen to be your parents.  We love you.  Happy number 7, Doll.