Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: Many and lots of things.

My friend, Rachael, did a lovely post that struck home with me.  I'm with her and am thinking of a schedule to have for box time.  Must work that out. 

In the meantime, Hubs is on vacation this week because he's earned more time than he thought and if he doesn't use it, he'll lose it.  Hold on, I needed to take a breath after that one.  He's puttering around the house doing man things like rewiring the surround sound in the living room and re-shelving all of the movies . . .

As for me, I have baking and cooking to attend to.  I also have a half gallon of ice cream calling my name and sadly, it is 10:10 PM. 

With that, I'll bid you a farewell for the week.  I've got family and things and stuff and Black Friday. 

Have a wonderful holiday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Because a great deal makes me feel as if I have battled the retail beast.

Y'all, I feel like I'm super-power Santa Mama.  The one and only big thing that K- has been asking for is a Nintendo DS.  Now, Hubs bought me one last year at the resale store.  It was basically an open box thing, but being a kid, we wanted to get a new one so that the warranty went along with.  I was depending upon Black Friday to make that happen for me, but the only place that had it listed for sale was Walmart. 

I'm not a huge fan.  Especially on Black Friday.  Last year, there was a family trying to swindle the cashier.  They were switching things out, having her ring things up, taking them off, wanting more, not having enough cash, no try this card, well take that off . . .  It ended up being that she had 3 additional co-workers watching over the transaction AND! a guard in uniform WITH! her hand on her gun. 

Isn't that a warm and fuzzy feeling? 

Given that, my sister and I swore to never again deal with the monster that is Walmart during Black Friday.  I'm more of a Target shopper all the way around anyhow. 

Target?  It was my ticket to present-purchasing happiness.

I was looking through my late-to-arrive-on-my-doorstep issue of the Sunday newspaper and like a vision, there it was in the Target ad.  The Nintendo DSi was on sale for $119.00.  (Savings of $30.00.)  That made me extra excited since I had $60.00 in Target gift cards that I had earned from My Points to use for K-'s Christmas gifts anyhow.  Let us review my deal, shall we?

Nintendo DSi -  $149.00
Target sale    -      30.00
Target price  -     119.00
My Points     -      60.00
Balance due   -    $59.00
Now, between tax and the very nominal shipping cost (sadly, this one didn't qualify for the $50.00 and up free shipping, but it was only $4.44), in the end it was $71.50.  That, my friends, is cheaper than the $89.00 that Walmart had the DS Lite for and that isn't even figuring in the 6.5% tax on top of it.

The upside?  I'm thrilled that I have this purchased.  I wanted to purchase her a camera and this one has one (or two I think I read) included.  We can purchase the games used (Hubs handles that) and the Leapster you can't.  Have you checked what some games are going for on eBay lately?  Eeek! 

The downside?  It's white.  It is the only color choice available.  I will be able to wipe it down and K- is a pretty careful kid with stuff. 

A note to Target about a downside:
Please consider moving your customer service to THIS COUNTRY as opposed to India.  The young woman talking to me didn't understand what I was trying to tell her when I was asking how to input my gift cards.  In the end, I finally taught your customer service agent how to help anyone else who might encounter the problem.  Also, when she started helping me, she was without a computer.  It's kind of difficult to help someone with an internet order when you don't have access to the internet yourself.  Just sayin'.  This is not the first time that I have encountered issues with your overseas customer service.  2 1/2 years ago, I was trying to buy two Britax Regent car seats, because they were not available in store.  The young man I talked to finally gave in and took care of the problem when I announced the massive sum I was spending on two car seats.  Please, oh please, give Americans these jobs. 

So there we go.  K-'s necklace arrived just yesterday and it is beautiful.  Of course, Mrs. Claus made that.  All I need to do is to pick up a box of Fuzzoodles at the local craft store and I'm done with the three gift process that is K-'s Christmas.  They are $6.00 at the craft store and she just loves them.

I feel shoppingly accomplished.  Believe me, I know it's not about a stuff thing.  We really wanted to get her something nice and she is now old enough to appreciate it. 

Smiles in my weekend:
-  My sister is feeling so much better.  A friend came over and gave her a chiropractic adjustment.  She also took her truck (High Ho Silver rides again!) for a ride down the driveway and to the bus stop.  She made it, but got nervous when another car was coming towards her.  I told her that will happen from time to time and that she has to get back in the saddle before the snow flies.  She was able to go to the tow yard to retrieve her purse and she got a really good look of what she walked out of.  Oh my.
-  I've accomplished writing ye ole Christmas letter (hey Aunt Patti!) and I've made K-'s birthday invites this evening.  We found some stupendously gold glittery paper at the craft store that makes her invites look like lovely golden tickets.  Now grant you, it took three gluing options to finally get the printed portion to stick, but Zots to the rescue!
-  As soon as I hit publish, I will be assembling and addressing Christmas card envelopes.  The Christmas cards that also include a birthday invite (gotta save on postage!), I do believe will call for additional postage.  I'll take a ride past the post office to purchase my stamps and to confirm my stamply thoughts.  I took an Excedrin Migraine at about 3 PM and still feel myself going strong.  It'll be a long night, so why not put all that energy to good use? 

Have a great day!