Friday, October 8, 2010

She's gonna be okay.

After I received the "We lost her last night . . . " text, I cried on my walk back home.  The mom that was with me when I got the message said she felt bad all day.  I just started crying.  I tried to control it, but the tears were rolling down my face.  All I could do was to tell her that my friend's mom died and that, "I need to go now." 

Then I called my mom. 

April said that they are okay.  I understand on the point that her mother was so ill in the very end.  Happily, they were able to go on a girls only cruise a couple of months ago.  Mom wanted to go to Niagara Falls and they did a day trip.  (It was supposed to be an overnight, but things outside of April and her mother's control went on.)  April was able to work from home and her sister was able to use some of her time at work to come up and hang out with mom.

Her sister was able to make it before the end.

They have made the necessary arrangements and will be having a memorial on Sunday at 3 PM.  Of course, I've got K-'s soccer, but April told me not to worry about it.  I will be staying home from church on Sunday to do the Lord's work from my kitchen.  I may be unable to attend the dinner gathering they have planned, but I can cook for it and my food can attend for me. 

She promises that she is okay. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My best friend is losing her mom.

I texted April this afternoon.  I've gotten into the habit of texting her in the afternoons over the past week.  With the demo going on yesterday, it slipped my mind. 

In response to my asking about mom's update, a text came back that said that she was in the Hospice ward of the local hospital.  I asked back if it was for medication management or a permanent thing. 

The text that I received back said that April's mom got really bad really fast.  She was in the hospital Hospice ward and that April's sister was flying back and to be picked up. 

The texter?  April's husband. 

April's moments with her mother are few.  I can't help but to think that as I type this, her mother may be drawing her last breath.

My heart hurts.

I can't imagine being in April's position.  She's my age.  You shouldn't be burying your parents and be parentless at the age of 37.

Don't think I'm questioning God.  I'm just talking here.

April is on my mind this evening.  Her whole family is in my thoughts.  Oh how I'm in tears for them.

I got a text at about 8:15 AM that April's mom did pass away last night at about 11:25 PM.  April said that she'd call me later with details of the arrangements that they have made.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I've survived demo day.

I kind of suffer from performance anxiety.  I know that when it comes down to it, I'm fine and can completely pull it out. 

Today was demo day at work.  More specifically, I agreed to do a leaded glass demo from 11 AM-5 PM.  I packed up my studio and hauled much of the room to work.  I started hauling things in and discovered the space that I was going to be demo-ing in was dismantled due to a change of show tomorrow. 

The Gallery Director had no idea and was sweating it out where I was going to go.  I ended up in the building that I generally work in.  I was tucked in the back and out of the main sales floor traffic-- good when dealing with glass, but bad to demo if people can't find you.   I suggested that they put signs up and that is exactly what they did.

The space I was in really was a very good fit.  I was able to box myself in.  I had a nice, big counter to put my grinder on.  There was a 4' table for me to use as a work surface.  I had my glass foiler on the end of the counter, which was great for customers to try out. 

It really seemed like the folks who came to watch enjoyed themselves.  They had a lot of good questions and hung out for a while.  I taught people how different tools are used.  I helped a husband talk his wife into purchasing a foiler.  I explained leaded glass basics to folks.  I had a woman drive from a half hour away to have me show her different tools that I have.  Her husband passed away 2 1/2 years ago and he had a fully functional stained glass studio in their basement.  She would like to get it back up and running.  I gave her a brief overview, but suggested a place for her to take classes.  She really seemed interested in pulling her husbands old tools out and getting them rolling once again.

I was paid to bring my studio to work, create work to eventually turn around to sell at work.  Such a fabulous deal!

Julia and I topped off our day by going to the local Russian festival.  I had a lovely meal.  We got to sit and talk about a bunch of stuff but NOT work.  (We were just there!)  We went to the dessert table.  The angels sang.  The glowing light shown bright.  It was like heaven dropped down right there.  We checked out the matroyska dolls.  We hung out in the outdoor tent and watched dancing. 

We had a great time!

Smiles in my day:
-  THE PERGO IS ALL DOWN!  (Yes, I know you want pictures!)  It's gorgeous!  Hubs has worked very hard to re-furb the existing woodwork.  Woodwork is so costly.  I'm glad that Hubs is willing to put the time into making it pretty.  Hubs has the saw horses up in the basement with our hall closet door as a surface (it's covered) so that we have space to paint.  This way, I have an area to paint the cabinet doors, drawers, table legs and chair backs/legs.  Soon enough, we'll be done.  Our goal is to have everything complete by Thanksgiving.  It's doable. 
-  When I arrived home, I checked in on K- to tell her goodnight.  She was tucked in and on her way to dreamland when I bent down to give her a kiss.  I heard, "Mommy, I have the most exciting news to tell you."  "What's that baby?"  "I'm on blue!"  More specifically, K- was moved up to the next reading level and that was the biggest deal to her.  It was a big deal to me.  According to 100 book challenge information that was sent home, she isn't expected to be at the blue level until March.  No wonder why she's so excited!  She knows that she has worked very hard!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: Vote early they say.

I'm a creature of habit and I like tradition.  I like going to the voting booth.  I liked using the little punch card system that left hanging and pregnant chads, but can see why they changed it.  Now, we have a gigantic scan sheet that we feed into a reader on our way out. 

I'm not a fan of early voting, though.  I mean, I understand absentee and all.  For me, I want to vote on voting day. 

The push for early voting puzzles me.  I mean, why not stick with the standard absentee bit and leave it at that? 

I'm not convinced with early voting.  I've found out that absentee don't get counted until later, as well as the military voting.  (Absentee, obviously.)  I think that it is just another way for them to muck up a system that seemed to work well enough.  Well, outside of the whole hanging and pregnant chad bit. 

Now, the electoral college does have me a bit miffed.  When you can win an election by electoral vote and not by the popular vote as was the case in a Presidential election in my not-so-distant memory, that makes no sense.  If you want to change something, perhaps that would be the one to consider.

Since I'm on questioning decisions of voting created by our Forefathers, what's up with caucus', why are they held where they are and why is it that the caucus' basically get to weed out the folks who actually do run for President?  Who gave them special license to weed folks out? 

Why do we suddenly have a Tea Party?  Where did it come from?  Was it always here or was it the work of Sarah? 

What happened to the Green Party, Ralph Nader and what on earth happened to Ross Pero? 

Why are Democrats blue and Republicans red?

Why donkeys and elephants?

Teach me, o' wise internet of knowledge.  :)  Seriously, if anyone can give me a good American History lesson since my 11th grade AH seems to have partially left me (well, I did sleep most of the way through the class and still aced it anyhow), I'll take it. 

Please remember to be kind, remember that others may not feel politically the way that you do and try to respect that.  I live for honesty, but don't want to offend those who read.  Frankly, I'm hard to offend and appreciate a good argument for another side.  This isn't a political forum to bash the President, his policies or whatnot.  I guess that's what I'm sayin'. 

Teach me stuff.

Smiles in my day:
-  K- was so excited to go to school early for breakfast this morning that she was up at 6:45 AM (when her Jar Jar Binks alarm wiggled and wailed) and got the rest of her morning handled so that we could leave at 7:45 AM to walk.  Such a funny girl!

Have a great day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Signs that Fall has arrived.

1.  We went from flip-flops, shorts and tank tops to sweatshirts and jeans in less than a 24 hour period and haven't left those sweatshirts for tank tops again.
2.  We bought a new furnace filter and fired the furnace on up.
3.  It is no longer comfortable to leave the windows open over night.
4.  It is almost no longer comfortable to leave the windows open after the sun sets.
5.  I pulled out my new slippers and am wearing them.
6.  I've abandoned the outside lines for the inside ones.  Laundry will no longer be washed, dried and put away on the same day.
7.  The neighbor pulled up the hibiscus trees and "put the rhubarb to bed."
8.  Butterflies are far less and less.  K- did manage to catch a Buckeye on Friday, though.
9.  I've shelled out cash for soccer and school pictures.  I had to have alternate outfit combinations for each-- one for hot weather and one for cold.
10.  K- and I spent about an hour and a half going through all of her clothes.  Saturday was Happy Hand-Me-Down Day for K-'s friend, A-.  All of the new clothes that we had for K- were de-tagged and put in the drawer.  Summer clothes and left overs from a cold spring were gone through and bagged to go. 
11.  K- and I went through the left over snackies in the console and re-upped our storm food supply. 
12.  We've all had our flu shots and only K- is the last one on the wait for full coverage.
13.  The fall festivals are happening.
14.  The leaves are turning faster and faster these days.
15.  The winter boots are ordered and I've checked on the wearabouts of the winter accessories. 
16.  I'm stock piling Oscillococinum.  Flu shots don't cover everything you know.
17.  I just made my Christmas season schedule with Leona at work.  I've decided to shift my schedule one hour to give me time to restock and tidy up before folks arrive at 10 AM.
18.  Speaking of, we've been going over Christmas display ideas for the last few weeks.
19.  My sheets are in the dryer and won't have that outdoor fresh smell or the on-the-line stiffness.  :(
20.  Hot chocolate has made a come-back.
21.  I can wear light weight sweaters or long sleeved shirts at work all day and not be uncomfortably hot.  (That's saying something since we have to run the air during the Christmas season.)
22.  The fleece jammies have come out.
23.  I'm okay that my toes aren't painted.  They'll be locked into socks and shoes/boots/slippers for the next 7+ months anyhow. 
24.  I wore a fleece hat last week along with my winter coat and a wool blanket over my legs while sitting at K-'s soccer practice/game.  This week I might bring gloves.
25.  I need to dust my hiking/snow boots off and give them a good coat of mink oil.  This will be their 12th winter (no kidding) and they just keep plugging along.  In case you are wondering, they are oil tanned Timberland's that we bought on a ridiculous $40.00 clearance because they were missing the insoles.  The insoles that I bought were $10.00, but they've lasted all these years.  I've walked, hiked and snow shoed plenty of miles in them.  Here's to plenty more winters.

What about you?  Any signs of fall in your area?

Smiles in my weekend:
-  It was a lovely 48 F and sprinkling while at the soccer field and K- was the only girl on the co-ed team that showed up.  She wasn't intimidated by all the boys, rolled right on in and held her own. 
-  My nephew was able to do a fly-by for his birthday and thankfully, I had brownies left over from the church luncheon earlier. 
-  We were able to go to a park celebration of fall on Saturday night with friends.  The husbands were in different directions, but we pulled together, made a shared dinner then walked to the park and enjoyed the outing in the cold sprinkles.  The kids had a good time and I'm really glad that I brought the rain coat along for us to sit on while on the hay ride!

Have a great day!