Thursday, December 23, 2010

While the icing sets and the bath water runs . . .

A quick post.

I managed to complete getting the items needed for K-'s Christmas gift from me.  I needed to have a leisurely stroll through the craft store.  (AKA without child.)  Today was the day.  I went to the mega locally owned craft store and found some wonderful wooden kits to include with K-'s tool kit.  They were on sale for a dollar a piece, which was a wonderful surprise.  She'll be able to build a western fort, a log cabin, an antique car, a bird house, a doll (that she'll be able to clothe from my scraps) and a primitive snowman that she can paint and accessorize.  I bought some glue and nails to include in her kit.  Hubs wanted me to get her a hack saw, but I'm holding out for a little while on that one.  Let's see how she does with his. 

The house is cleaned and just needs a dusting.  The laundry is washed and dried.  It is presently heaped on my bed so that I can fold it.  That will be done this evening and tomorrow I will do clothing distribution.  I'll be back on the line drying band wagon.  I always fall off in December, but I don't think that is that bad considering that I line dry all the rest of the year. 

I stopped by the grocery to pick up items to make ramen noodle coleslaw for tomorrow night and broccoli cheese casserole for Christmas lunch at my parents house.  I'll be making homemade granola and taking along a tub of vanilla yogurt to add to the Christmas breakfast that we'll be having at my in-law's. 

This evening, we've kicked back and decided to watch Elf.  Polar Express was on and yikes.  I just can't do it. 

I've made plans with Aunt Donna to stop by and visit tomorrow.  She threatened me not to bring anything into her house for a gift, so I will be verbally telling her that we'll be taking her out to lunch to a restaurant of her choosing for a Christmas gift.  Dealing with Grandma's apartment clearing has gotten my aunt to really clear out the items that she has amassed over the years.  Considering that I'm the one that will be given the task when her time comes, I appreciate all of her efforts now more than she could possibly know.

A goofy thing that possibly only Rachael and Sissy could appreciate.  I had two good curly hair days.  I mean, it was curly hair down with nothing pinning it up and out of my face or anything.  Call that a Christmas miracle all and of itself. 

While on the hunt through the party box this week for supplies for the birthday extravaganza, I found my container of simmering spices.  Right now, my house smells of a delightful mix of cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, star anise and cloves.  Delightful.  I promised Hubs that we can throw the contents of the simmering pot away on Monday, so as to avoid growing the awful mold that seems to bloom rather quickly on my resting spice mixture.

With that, a bath awaits me as my husband builds the gingerbread structure.  I made the icing and have readied the candy pieces.  When I build it, it collapses.  Somehow, a gingerbread tenement doesn't scream Christmas cheer. 

Have a great night! 

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Rach said...

LOL! Gingerbread house tenement. You SLAY me! :o)

I was running through my head all the things that I have to get done tomorrow and I almost panicked. I have two loaves of bread to bake, two batches of java shortbread to make, two pies to create, potato salad to put together, and Noel Balls to roll. Oh good grief...

I'm SO happy you found those items for K's tool kit. She's going to LOVE it! :o) What a wonderful idea!

I was laughing out loud over the curls. I hear ya, girlie, and I have to say, I'm insanely jealous. ;o)

Take care of yourself tomorrow. Give Aunt Donna a hug.

Hugs to you too!