Friday, December 3, 2010

Simple things that have made my day.

1.  My living room is D-O-N-E!  Hubs finished sealing, grouting, sealing and putting the trim on the slate tile at the front door.  I cannot explain how happy this made both of us.  He also finished putting the woodwork in the kitchen and in the back entry.  He made a Pergo landing and it looks wonderful!  He's worked so hard on his vacation!

2.  We have about an inch of snow right now and K- was aching to get out and play in it.  She rolled around.  She pulled out her new sled.  Her snow pants from last year still fit wonderfully well.  Oh!  And she had enough snow to make a fairly decent sized snowball. 
3.  I took Grandma a small Frosty, knowing full well that she loves them.  I asked her if she wanted some and she said yes.  I could only spoon out very small amounts to her, but it was like I couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough.  She took hold of my arm and was guiding my arm to get my hand to her mouth. 

4.  Grandma gave me a couple of big hugs today. 

5.  K-'s interim pick-up was today. We were in and out lickety split.  Her teacher told me that she knows that I had math concerns a few weeks ago, but when reviewing the flash cards with the class, K- is about the only kid that doesn't use her fingers or a number line to get the answer.  She said that she works it out in her brain and that is great.  She said that she is exactly where she is supposed to be and to keep doing what we are doing.  Hooray!

6.  The PTA directory, thanks to the help of Kay the wonder secretary of the PTA, is printed, stapled and folded.  Now all I have to do is to print the cards, pile things up by class and distribute. 

7.  I'm getting a bit of a rhythm with the 100 Book Challenge prize distribution.  All the teachers know me well and I think that the kids see me as the prize lady.  Either I'm handing out prizes or standing on a bench, updating our 100 Book Challenge board.  I keep getting kids coming up to me and hugging me.  They know that I hook them up with the goods.  ;)

8.  I had a talk with K-'s teacher from last year on what to buy her teacher for this year.  I told Mrs. H- that I didn't quite think that an art gallery gift certificate would be a good fit for Mrs. S-.  She agreed, then told me that she would be happy to have it.  We determined that Kohl's is probably a great thing for her.  It is great that I had the opportunity to be able to consult with Mrs. H- to get a great gift for K-'s teacher.  I know that she'll be honest with me. 

9.  It seems that the stress of the week (stress?  What stress?) has caused a gigantic (and I mean HUGE) cold sore to bloom on not only my lip, but the right portion of my pie hole.  My sister suggested hitting it with tea tree oil.  While the tea tree (applied with a wet Q-Tip) is not necessarily the most tasty thing around, it completely halted the nasty burning that I had.  I'm going to apply more before I go to bed.  Hopefully, it will make this size-of-Arkansas cold sore magically go away.  Overnight would be spectacular, but I don't see it happening.  Darned stress!

10.  My truck, complete with new tires, didn't slip once on the icy roads last night. 

11.  Though it appears that stress may also be causing a lovely sty on my eye, a good dose of Advil Cold and Sinus seems to have taken the boulder-jammed-into-my-eyeball feeling out of my optical orb.  It's just one eye, which is a great thing.  It feels much better, which is a fabulous thing.  Now I'll rub my gold wedding ring over it just like Grandma-ma taught me and it should be all gone.  She was very specific and I can't recall if from the outside in or from the inside out.  I'm sure it makes no actual difference, but I'll do it both ways just to be certain.  I can tell you that I don't have Pink Eye, so that's a positive for sure!

12.  My mother-in-law shared with me some electric tea lights that she purchased.  Hubs bought me a snowman lantern years ago and I plunked one of those little lights in it.  It was lovely!  It flickered like a real candle, so it didn't have that fake kind of look about it. 

13.  Though I slipped a little in the parking lot of my Grandma's apartment complex, I didn't fall.

14.  I think that Hubs has finally settled for the night and has stopped obsessing about his craftsmanship.  Maybe.

15.  I got the insurance re-certification papers filled out and ready for Hubs to take to work.  That's been another one of his obsessions, so I'm glad that I tackled the paper beast.

16.  I have a toasty bed awaiting my indentation.  'Night all.

Smiles in my day:
-  Above.


Rach said...

So many happy things in the midst of sorrow.

1. The floor looks AMAZING! Props to M for the hard work!
2. Hooray for snow! You know I'm insanely jealous.
3. How wonderful Grandma was able to enjoy a sweet treat. You are a special granddaughter.
4. Hugs are always a good thing. They are even more special from one so ill.
5. Excellent news on the math front.
6. I still say you're crazy with all you're doing for the PTA. Well done, though. :o) We need parents like you who are willing to be involved.
7. See comment above. :oP
8. You absolutely can't go wrong with gift cards. I'm so glad you were able to chat with Ms. H about an appropriate selection.
9. Tea tree oil is SO medicinal smelling (and tasting, it would seem), but amazing stuff. I'm SO happy it's working for you!
10. Hooray for tires that do their job and for you being safe.
11. Thank goodness you DON'T have pink eye. Styes suck, but pink eye is the pits.
12. Hm. Electric tea lights. Gotta get me some of those. We do have LED candles in our windows this year and they have a nice flickery effect.
13. No broken tail bones are a good thing. ;o)
14. M, it looks AMAZING! You may stop obsessing. ;o)
15. Hooray!
16. Enjoy that toasty bed. I'm off shortly. B is working on putting the finishing touches on a matte and frame for a photo for GG so I'm staying up to keep him company.

What a wonderful list of things to be happy about. It made me smile. :o)

My prayers for you and Grandma continue.

Rach said...

P.S. I'm LOVING the new header. :o)

Sharron said...

My grandma always said inside out and it really does work.
Loved your list and I am glad you see happy during this sad time.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Thanks Sharron! I couldn't remember, but now I will! And I agree, the wedding ring thing does work!