Friday, December 31, 2010

The new year list of tweaking.

I actually did fairly well on last year's list.  I have another new year post of listish things.

1.  Cook more.  I love to cook.  There are times I've held back on cooking particular things because Hubs can't eat it.  He's fine with having something different, so we'll just have to ride that one a bit.  I made my very first pan of lasagna the other evening and it is lovely.  Actually, I made two loaf pans and froze one.
2.  To go with number 1.  Menu plan.  Don't just pick things up that are on sale.  I have a pretty great shelf in the basement where I have extras.  (My house is too small for an actual pantry in the kitchen.  Someday I'll have the steps enclosed and we'll be able to build my dream pantry under there.)  Have solid things in mind.
3.  It's okay if the grape tomatoes are $1.79.   K- loves them and don't hold back because they cost more than usual. 
4.  Now that the studio is bailed out, make things.  It would be nice if I could get my act together and start earning more money to be able to put some cash away for college.  We have a savings of sorts, but not nearly what it should be. 
ETA:  I did the budget, we're good for saving for college there, so I'll be able to use any money made from the sale of my work towards purchasing a new set of dishes.  (Fiesta Ware, if you were wondering.)
5.  Exercise.  I hate it and look like a skating cow when I do it, but it must be done. 
6.  Budget more.  Spend less.  We always give the budget a re-do in January and June, but we need to pull that in even a bit more.  We'll need to buy Hubs a truck in about a year and a half and my goal is to be able to pay half down.  I have a savings, but I promise that it is not currently even close to half down. 
7.  Say no to flying through the drive thru.  I won't start and neither will K-.  A couple of bucks here and there do add up.
8.  Look at the gardens.  What works?  What doesn't?  Plant tomatoes, but not 4 plants.  Growing beautiful plants that give pounds of tomatoes is lovely, but having them fall all over the ground and waste away isn't mindful of what we have.  Plant only grape tomatoes (Sun Golds) and don't fiddle with the others.  Thin out some plants in the butterfly gardens.  Register the yard as a Monarch Waystation.
9.  Thin through the things that we have.  Use what we have.  The bed bug thing has really kept me from visiting the thrift store, so that has helped. 
10.  Continue to think about how we can be more environmental.  I would love a rain barrel.  Perhaps that would be a nice birthday gift suggestion. 

That is my list of goals for the year.  I'm hoping for good things.  Happy New Year!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great list and many things to be mindful of. I too need to reassess the garden. Too many tomatoes. And NO CHERRY TOMATOES this year. I love them, but man they take over my whole garden and choke off other things. Less habenaros this year. Hubs loves them but again, do we really need all of those?? I've got my seed catalog and I need to start planning now.
Happy New Year to all of you! Hope 2011 sends you health, happiness and many blessings!!

Rach said...

Happy New Year to you as well!

I've been MIA, taking a break from the box. This is a most excellent list and I plan on doing mine tomorrow.

Sun golds? Yup! I'm all for that! :o) We'll have to chat, no?