Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lots of things. Lots of stuff. Lots more whatnot.

Rachael thought something was wrong.  I normally post.  Rachael and I normally e-mail back and forth at least a time or two a day.

The box?  It has been silent.

I'll re-run to give you a look at what all has been going on. 

Friday was dough day.

Saturday was baking day.  The stove was on from 9 AM - 7:30 PM.  I held to my promise.  What was baked was baked.  Brownies didn't make the cut this year and neither did chocolate covered pretzels, but all is well.

Sunday was church, then home to work on birthday preparations, bundling cookies and getting bags assembled to take to my parents house so that every gift (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) were delivered and out of my house.

Sunday evening was birthday party set-up.  Our church has an additional building on the property that they built about 15 years ago.  It is a multi-purpose building.  It is a carpeted gymnasium with a stage, and kitchen.  They had a big screen that we could bring down and they loaned us their projector.

I worked until 4 PM on Monday, then went on to more party prep.  I would have 25 children and a variety of parents on hand for the party.  We had a big screen viewing of Willy Wonka, pizza, rainbow cupcakes and other treats and things to eat.  Everyone had a great time and K- really loved being able to spend time with all her friends.

Tuesday was the day that K- had an American Girl Tea Party date with her friend, E-.  Now K- and E- have been friends since birth and the girls have never once fought about anything.  The reports that have come back from Adam and Nora that K- was delightful and the girls had a great time.  Makes my heart happy.

I worked all day on Tuesday.  Monday we were slammed, but Tuesday was a little more on the steady side.  I was able to step out and meet up with Paul.  Paul is the massage therapist that the boss' hire for us.  On Monday, Paul massaged my hands.  While doing that, I asked if he could tell the handedness of someone without them telling so and he said that he pretty much could.  He said that I was ambidextrous, which I've always kind of known. 

More about Paul and the work that he does.  He found that my back was hurting when I hadn't even realized.  When he started touching, I could see how tender it was and he went to work. 

Today, my back is aching.  Deep tissue work hurts.  It works, but it hurts.

Speaking of today, we were busy.  It was delightful, though.  I ended up being the big order desk.  I ran the back counter almost all on my own and ended up pulling in over $2100.00 in sales nearly all on my own.  (No, we get no commission and I'm quite fine with that.)  I had one couple buy $490.00 worth of things that needed to be individually gift wrapped.  They had at least 20 items, so I sent them on to lunch and announced that I was out of commission until I was done.  I knew that it would take me at least an hour.  (About half were things that were very breakable.)  I got everything done and called the gentleman to let him know that it was ready to be picked up.  He said that he had just signed his lunch check and was happy to return.  I told him that I worked it that way on purpose.  ;)

I was busy up until the bitter end, drove on home to my people waiting for me to go to see the Christmas lights.  Today is Happy Home Day for K-, so we celebrate by going to see Christmas lights every year.  (Happy Home Day is often referred to as "Gotcha Day" by many others.  Happy Home Day is the day that K- arrived to be with our family.  We always give her the tale of how she got to be ours and often make a trip past "her hospital.")  We had a great time.

Tomorrow we will sleep in.  Hubs has made the request that the alarm is not turned on.  (I always turn it on even on days that I don't work!)  Sleeping in may be to 7:30 - 8 AM, but anything will do.  We have plans on building the gingerbread house.  I'll finish assembling the cookie gifts that I'll have for K- to distribute throughout the neighborhood on Friday. 

See?  I haven't been ignoring you!

Smiles in my days:
-  Sprinkled in above.

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

I knew Saturday, Sunday and Monday were going to be crazy days for you, what with the baking, church and K's big day, but I didn't think about Tuesday or Wednesday. I KNEW Wednesday was Happy Home Day, so it should have clicked...

I'm just glad you are alive and seemingly well. That looks like it was a fantastic lights display. :o)

Oh, and wow on the gift wrap. That's incredible!

Take some time now to slow down and enjoy. :o)