Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family time and my friend that won a car.

I surprised K- this evening with a McD's play date with her family.  We exchanged gifts for birthday or Christmas, the kids played for a couple of hours and we enjoyed hearing about how H-


Yes, she won a car from Oprah on one of the Favorite Things show this past fall.  Can I tell you how extremely thrilled we are for her?  H- was nominated as a hometown hero for her work with adoption.  She's great at what she does.  We have K- because of her and her husband.  That alone deserves a car as a reward!

She scored some pretty fancy earrings, sparkly Ugg boots that make her giggle every time she wears them, an iPad (I played with it a little, but McD's had no WiFi!), a $500.00 gift card to Nordstrom's, a Coach bag, something about pot pie but I didn't get details.  How can you really go wrong with pot pie, though?  There's a set of brand new pans.  A good set of brand new pans.  I've seen H-'s pans.  I may very well have helped to cook with them.  Girlfriend needs a new set-- bad.  She's been sharing a $150.00 tin of popcorn.  K- has a very expensive snack awaiting her tomorrow. 

H- deserves it.  She deserves all of it. 

The new car?  Her current car has the window duct taped because the motor is broken and it is a $700.00 repair.  She has a 22 mile drive to work.  The little VW bug that she'll be getting will get great gas mileage. 

K-?  Her prize was her family.  To her, that was worth more than the gifties that H- scored from Oprah. 

Smiles in my day:
-  Surprising K-.
-  My work week is done.  I'm not a fan of working sale.  People have been very well behaved this year, though. 
-  Getting a resolution to the Saga of the Sauce (post below.)  Though I'll be pitching the jar, perhaps the e-mail discussion that I had opened the owner's eyes to being a little kinder next time. 

Have a great day! 


Rach said...

HOLY COW!!!! Yow know someone who won Oprah's Favorite Things?!?!? That is so incredibly amazing and awesome!!!!!!!! :o) Wow!

Second, I haven't told you I like the wintery simplicity of the blog. It's lovely. :o)

Third, yay for K getting to visit with family.

Last, I'm glad that "Sauce-gate" has come to a resolution.

Bailey's Leaf said...

When H- told me all about being on the Fav Things show, I said, "Ahhh, did Oprah give you a car?"

"Yes. Yes, she did."

Truly, I can't think of a more deserving person.

She owes me a fashion show with those boots, though.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

That's fantastic!! It's amazing how those things came to someone who truly needs them (maybe even the giggles from the boots).
I've always wished to go on one of those shows. But the good Lord knows I'm no hero (except maybe to the kids but even that may be a stretch).
Good for her!!

Bailey's Leaf said...

With all of the advocating that you've done for both your son and for people with food allergies, don't sell yourself short as not being qualified. Quite the opposite, darling.

Could you see yourself driving around in a little red VW bug? ;)