Monday, December 20, 2010

Right there at the big ole number 7.


It's 11:48 PM on December 19, 2010.  In just 12 minutes, you will change from being my 6 year old to my big 7 year old.

Now why'd you go and do that?  I'm just kidding, you know. 

You love to read.  You've learned to spell so well that air spelling things while you are in the room is not an option anymore.  You know what I'm spelling!  In fact, you've earned a 100% on every spelling test this year!

You are a work-it-out-in-your-brain math kid.  Mrs. S- says to have you keep it up.

You love to build things.  You can swing a hammer, follow directions and do a pretty good job at making something work.

You've become quite a problem solver.  I encourage you to sit and think about what you need to do and you get things all worked out. 

You love to play in the snow.  I don't just mean love, but I mean L.O.V.E.  If it weren't so cold, you would do nothing but play in snow.

You love the slip and slide, catching butterflies, digging in the sandbox or the dirt and playing on the swing set. 

You love swimming and soccer. 

You love your toys and don't want to give anything away.  The thought of parting with anything, even a tiny scrap of paper, brings you to tears.  That is why I thin the herd when you aren't home. 

This year you've learned to stand on your own two feet with the bully thing.  You don't bully back, but you don't take what is dished out. 

You still love playing with the girls and running with the boys.

And yes, D- still wants to marry you. 

When the weather is nice enough, you love to stay after school until the last bell rings so that you can play with your friends. 

You've been in speech for over a year and I see quite a lot of improvement.  Right now, you are working on remembering to say "Heather" and not "hedder" and "weather" and not "wedder." 

You are still young enough to like snuggleupagussin' with me.  You love to "steal [my] warmness." 

We found out this year that you are quite a good shot.  We aren't gun people, but while visiting Bass Pro Shop, you were able to shoot a BB gun.  Imagine the surprise on gentleman's face when he saw that you shot straight through the center of the target.  You loved playing with the Nerf cross bow when we were there just last month.  In fact, Dad got one for you for Christmas.  (Shhh.  You aren't supposed to know.)

You are a fun kid.  You can get a whine on, though.  You are a big help.  Like everyone else, you love to feel needed. 

Baby, we are so glad that we were chosen to be your parents.  We love you.  Happy number 7, Doll.




Rach said...

Happy birthday, sweet K. I hope this day brings you nothing but joy! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hope she had a wonderful Birthday!! Give her belated hugs and kisses from us.

Michelle said...

Sorry for the belated bday wishes for K (thought I had already left a post!) what a wonderful letter you've written and I'm sure she had a great birthday!