Friday, November 19, 2010

Praising God with hands high and with crocodiles rolling.

I've got to tell you as I sit here and cry, my sister and my nephew are fine.

She was busy running frantically from one place to another, pulled out in front of a vehicle and rolled her van.

She had her seatbelt on.

L- was strapped firmly into the car seat. 

When they came to a rest, he started crying.  She was able to release both of them, knock the back window out with her elbow and climb out. 

Of course, she only had liability insurance.

It's just a van. 

My people are okay.  L- was checked out and released from Children's Hospital.  LeAnne said that she thinks she is fine and just wants to go home.

Like a good Baptist, I'm preparing them dinner. 

ETA:  I took dinner out and was able to lay my eyes on my sister.  Long story short, she had a migraine, the light was bright and the van that hit her was dark green.  She didn't see it.  It clipped the back passenger corner of her van as she had almost reached the road that she was trying to drive down.  When she got hit, she went flying through the air, skidded and remained upside down on the roof.  In a surprise turn, the van actually turned on its side.  She was suspended, as well as L-, and so when his car seat let loose, she said he just kind of dropped into her arms.  She is very sore.  He is without any damage.  She has a scraped up elbow.  She also got a call from the insurance company.  The other people who were involved have an attorney who has already contacted my sister's insurance.  Oh, this should be fun.  I did tell her that they call them accidents not an "on purpose." 

In your prayers of thanksgiving tonight, can you belt another out for us?


Rach said...

Ohmygoodness!!!! I'm on emotional overload right now. Oh yes, many many prayers. Prayers of thanksgiving for LeAnne and baby L, and for my friend Courtney who pulled out in front of someone this morning (didn't see them, has no idea where they came from) and totaled her car, but is fine. Prayers for baby Joshua and his parents. What a day. :shakes head.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Thank God they are OK. Things can be replaced. People can not.

Michelle said...

Oh my! How absolutely terrifying that must have been; I can only imagine how you must have felt finding out about this. Praising God that everyone is ok!