Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hit the ground running.

I'm typically a hit the ground running kind of girl.  I don't slowly get out of bed.  Nope.  I'm off and on my way. 

We returned from NYC on Sunday evening.  We got home at about 10 PM and after I made everyone strip in front of the dryer so that I could bake the lovin' death out of our clothes and shoes before laundering them, bagged the luggage in giant ziploc bags (I have a big fear of bed bugs y'all), we all got bathed and tucked into our own beds.  (We shared one in NYC.) 

Monday morning started bright and early at 6:45 AM, we drove to school, I had a meeting at 8:45 AM and then on to work. 

I worked until 9 PM.  My precious child was asleep before I got home.  That's a good thing since she fell asleep in class earlier.  She said that the teacher "turned the light off and put plastic on this thing and my eyes just closed and I fell asleep."  "Do you mean an overhead projector?"  "Yes and I was just so tired mommy.  Don't worry!  I didn't get in trouble!"  "Well that's good.  Did Mrs. S- wake you?"  "No, she let me sleep."  Mrs. S- knew that we had a long weekend and that we got in late.  Very thoughtful of her, but we've made sure it didn't happen anymore.

Tuesday morning I dropped K- off at the breakfast line at 8 AM and went on to work.  I worked from 8:15 AM - 9 PM.  While at work, my coworker put Christmas lights on the step that she was going to deal with in a bit. 

"Julia, if you leave those on the steps, someone is going to fall and kill themselves." 

She nodded and ended up helping customers.  I kept on with my shuttling things from upstairs to downstairs.  I hit about halfway down the flight of steps and went sailing.  It felt like I stepped on marbles and my legs went out from under me.


I landed on my butt and skidded down the steps so hard that I ended up blowing the door open at the bottom of the steps with the force of my feet.   I was so afraid that someone was standing at the bottom of the steps.  I would have absolutely knocked them out.  Thankfully, there was no one there in the area of the door.  The customers looked at me and were horrified.  They came over to see if I was okay and after a quick body part inventory, we determined that I would be okay.  I limped along mumbling about the lights.  (No, I didn't swear.)  I was sore, cranked an ankle, landed on my right side and was kind of jarred, but I was okay.  Advil, a long bath and the heat therapy of an electric blanket is what kept me from stiffening up.  I'm okay, not broken and only have three bruises.  It's all good.  No, I didn't leave.  I had stuff to do. 

This morning, I dropped K- off at the breakfast line again and started up at 8:15 AM.  I was able to get so much done before everyone got there at 10 AM.  I got so much done that even though my coworkers kept finding more boxes of ornaments and decorations for me to include in my already overly packed display, I was able to leave on time for the first time this week. 

It treated myself to a nice, long, hot bath. 

I'm now contending with laundry.  I haven't been able to touch our NYC laundry.  I have the laundry from the week and the clothes that we had on our last day in NYC that I'm dealing with now.  I'll pull and bake the bags and clothes tomorrow and then wash. 

I would also like to clean my house.  It was clean.  We weren't here for three days.  Still, I haven't been on duty here for three days and it looks it.  The floor needs a dusting.  The bathroom counter needs freed of products.  Well, there's other stuff too. 

I'm glad to be home, though.  Traveling is good and you get to see great things.  My heart definitely loves home, though.

I'll fill y'all in on the NYC details tomorrow.  Must go flip some laundry. 


Smiles in my day:
-  I got to see my kid awake this evening.
-  I'm able to walk upright and I'm not as sore as I thought I would be.
-  Hubs reported that the main road that they've been working on since before Spring Break is finally opened. 

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Goodness, where to begin...

I have been known to allow children to sleep in class when I deemed it necessary. I'm sure Mrs. S felt the same way in K's case and there were no hard feelings. :o)

OMGOMGOMG! Your poor body! I'm so glad you aren't as sore as you feared. Please tell me Julia felt awful for being so forgetful? I actually caught my breath when I read what happened and B asked, "What?" When I read it to him he winced as well. Wow. You are SO lucky it wasn't worse.

I can't WAIT to see your work this year. You do such an INCREDIBLE job! :o)

Hooray for seeing sweet girl awake this evening. :o) I can't wait to see those pix and hear your tales. :o)