Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or treat for all.

My daughter as Darth Vader

I don't care if you are 6 feet tall or in the 12th grade.  If you come to my door DRESSED UP and are respectful, I'll totally hook you up with some loot.  I want you to be able to continue to enjoy this last little bit of your childhood.  The trick or treat experience should not end at 12. 

Not wanting you to grow up too fast,
I should share with you that I trick or treated up through 16.  I went dressed.  I'm short, so that wasn't a problem, but I did always go.  No one ever gave me a problem.  Of course, that was 21 years ago.  That could be a big difference between stories going on today and those of :eeek: yesteryear of my life.  :shudder at the use of yesteryear.:

We complain that our kids are growing up too fast, yet we tell them that because they have gotten a little too tall or too old, they can't trick or treat anymore.

Not fair. 

If adults come to my door all dressed up while taking their kids out, I'll give them treats, too. 

Why do we have to have so many dumb rules?  Can't we just let kids be kids for a while longer?  If they are behaving (I've never had one that didn't), why not?  I did have a group that liked my givin's one year so much that they came by and tried to double dip.  I laughed at them and told them good try.  They were cool about it and thought it was funny that I had paid attention.  It wasn't an obnoxious thing that they did.  I may have been one of the few that gave them treats.  Who knows?

So, because it is a hotly debated thing lately, what is your take?  Do you have an age limit or a specification regarding dress/whatnot for trick or treaters?  You know me, feel free to hop on the other side.  It's all good.  Just be polite about it.

Smiles in my day:
-  K- did a quick rebound from the stomach funk and was able to enjoy trick or treating at my parents house this evening.
-  We stopped by the school, picked up her homework, talked to her teacher who knew that K- was going down, and dropped off all the supplies that I had stowed away for the party tomorrow.
-  My brother is getting me an awesome deal on tires for the RAV.  Considering that three of my four tires are plugged, we're just replacing them all instead of just two.  Since I saved the quote from March, he'll be able to hook me up.  Oh, fingers crossed that the manager honors it.  If so, it'll save us roughly $650.00.  My vehicle has big tires.  Expensive tires.  Tires that you have to order.  Rrrr.
-  Punkin' carvin' Friday night.  I have a white pumpkin.  I can't decide what to do with it.  I'm thinkin' fancy.  Hmmm.

Have a great and safe weekend!


Rach said...

LOVIN' K's outfit! She looks AMAZING!

Okay, my take on trick-or-treaters. I'm all for extending it as long as you can. However, around here, the bigger the kids, the ruder and less dressed up they tend to be. It's almost like they think they're too cool to dress up, yet they want the candy and they think just because they showed up, they deserve it. It drives me bonkers.

That, and some of them have a tendency to be rude and shove-y with the little ones, which REALLY p's me off.

If you're out, dressed-up and respectful of those around you, awesome. Otherwise, find a party somewhere and leave the doorbell ringing to the ones who truly enjoy the dress-up aspect.

Michelle said...

she makes a great darth vader!

I don't mind the older teens still going out - as long as they are dressed up; I mean put some effort in to it! The last year I went was when I was 14 and that was reluctantly because a friend wanted me to go with her. I think I just felt that I was too old then :)

Jamie said...

K's costume was awesome. My hub would love it if my Girlies would dress up so cool, unfortunately, no parts of Star Wars cut it in our house.

I tend to think that if you're dressed (and I mean dressed, not just a mask or a sweatshirt, respectful and have manners I'm okay with ToT until whatever age. I stopped at 14 or 16, B did not go this year because she was punished.

What I've seen a lot lately is adults dragging around babies in strollers who clearly cannot eat candy and ToTing. That's pretty annoying because if you're a parent, buy your own candy, it's less work!