Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: Yucky people steal stuff.

My husband went fishing today.  He returned to our truck at about 12:45 PM to bring the truck and trailer back around to load the boat and go and one thing was missing.

Our trailer. 

Someone/people stole the trailer and ball hitch right off the back of my truck. 

The sunny side?  They didn't damage the vehicle or steal the actual hitch that is bolted to the frame of the RAV. 

The bad side?  My husband was left stranded with a 14' boat and no way to bring it home. 


So, we've had to report it stolen to the Sheriff's office.  Thankfully, there were two men (an older father and his son) who had a trailer on their truck the size that we needed to bring the boat home.  Now this is sitting on my yard:

The theft has been reported to the scrap yards.  I didn't realize, but scrap yards have a centralized reporting for stolen items that might hit their doorsteps.  They told me that locally, they've even had success in recovering things as far away as Erie, PA.  (For us, that is a good 2 hour drive.)

In the meantime, my husband feels violated.  I'm ticked.  We're both thankful, though.  He was towed back.  The boat is the more valuable thing of the two.  A neighbor was poised to try to help us fetch it, even though all he had was a 9' flat bed trailer.  My brother, Billy, was on stand-by with a truck and a larger trailer. 

Everyone feels so horrible for Hubs. 

I left work early to deal with the crap from this.  Hubs went off to therapeutically shop at his favorite resale CD store. 

A good lesson learned.  Strap trailers to your vehicle with big fat chain and a really strong lock.  Take pictures of your trailer, or you get to send a missing report with a photo of your husband's butt up in the air. 


Smiles in my day:
-  It could have been worse.

An early post for Tuesday.  Read on.  I have another posted for Monday.


Rach said...

I'm SO sorry. Some people just SUCK. :o(

I had to laugh about your photo comment, though. Poor Hubs with his tushy all over a police report.

Please keep us posted.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh unbelievable!! I'm so sorry:( What a rotten thing to have happen. Give Hubs a hug for me.

Michelle said...

I am so so sorry this happened to your husband! How awful of someone to just come along and take his trailer like that! I don't understand people either :(