Monday, October 4, 2010

Signs that Fall has arrived.

1.  We went from flip-flops, shorts and tank tops to sweatshirts and jeans in less than a 24 hour period and haven't left those sweatshirts for tank tops again.
2.  We bought a new furnace filter and fired the furnace on up.
3.  It is no longer comfortable to leave the windows open over night.
4.  It is almost no longer comfortable to leave the windows open after the sun sets.
5.  I pulled out my new slippers and am wearing them.
6.  I've abandoned the outside lines for the inside ones.  Laundry will no longer be washed, dried and put away on the same day.
7.  The neighbor pulled up the hibiscus trees and "put the rhubarb to bed."
8.  Butterflies are far less and less.  K- did manage to catch a Buckeye on Friday, though.
9.  I've shelled out cash for soccer and school pictures.  I had to have alternate outfit combinations for each-- one for hot weather and one for cold.
10.  K- and I spent about an hour and a half going through all of her clothes.  Saturday was Happy Hand-Me-Down Day for K-'s friend, A-.  All of the new clothes that we had for K- were de-tagged and put in the drawer.  Summer clothes and left overs from a cold spring were gone through and bagged to go. 
11.  K- and I went through the left over snackies in the console and re-upped our storm food supply. 
12.  We've all had our flu shots and only K- is the last one on the wait for full coverage.
13.  The fall festivals are happening.
14.  The leaves are turning faster and faster these days.
15.  The winter boots are ordered and I've checked on the wearabouts of the winter accessories. 
16.  I'm stock piling Oscillococinum.  Flu shots don't cover everything you know.
17.  I just made my Christmas season schedule with Leona at work.  I've decided to shift my schedule one hour to give me time to restock and tidy up before folks arrive at 10 AM.
18.  Speaking of, we've been going over Christmas display ideas for the last few weeks.
19.  My sheets are in the dryer and won't have that outdoor fresh smell or the on-the-line stiffness.  :(
20.  Hot chocolate has made a come-back.
21.  I can wear light weight sweaters or long sleeved shirts at work all day and not be uncomfortably hot.  (That's saying something since we have to run the air during the Christmas season.)
22.  The fleece jammies have come out.
23.  I'm okay that my toes aren't painted.  They'll be locked into socks and shoes/boots/slippers for the next 7+ months anyhow. 
24.  I wore a fleece hat last week along with my winter coat and a wool blanket over my legs while sitting at K-'s soccer practice/game.  This week I might bring gloves.
25.  I need to dust my hiking/snow boots off and give them a good coat of mink oil.  This will be their 12th winter (no kidding) and they just keep plugging along.  In case you are wondering, they are oil tanned Timberland's that we bought on a ridiculous $40.00 clearance because they were missing the insoles.  The insoles that I bought were $10.00, but they've lasted all these years.  I've walked, hiked and snow shoed plenty of miles in them.  Here's to plenty more winters.

What about you?  Any signs of fall in your area?

Smiles in my weekend:
-  It was a lovely 48 F and sprinkling while at the soccer field and K- was the only girl on the co-ed team that showed up.  She wasn't intimidated by all the boys, rolled right on in and held her own. 
-  My nephew was able to do a fly-by for his birthday and thankfully, I had brownies left over from the church luncheon earlier. 
-  We were able to go to a park celebration of fall on Saturday night with friends.  The husbands were in different directions, but we pulled together, made a shared dinner then walked to the park and enjoyed the outing in the cold sprinkles.  The kids had a good time and I'm really glad that I brought the rain coat along for us to sit on while on the hay ride!

Have a great day!


Rach said...

It's FINALLY fall-like here. I figure we're where you were a couple of weeks ago. Upper-60's to low-70's during the day and low-mid-50's at night. Color me a happy, happy girlie! :o)

I'm afraid our leaves are going to be nothing but brown and crunchy this year due to the drought this summer.

That said, I can ALWAYS supplement with colorful mums, no? :o)

Jamie said...

We're wishy washy on fall. We're going to have a couple cool rainy days and then a beautiful (hopefully) 80 degree weekend. I have shut our windows and have gotten out the Girlies' winter clothes and packed up the summer ones, although the rubbermaid bins are in their rooms still, just in case we need a pair of shorts or two this weekend. I'll wash blankets and any other fall/winter items this weekend.
I'm definitely not ready. Not ready for the cold weather, not ready for the heating bill and not ready to hang clothes in the house, but I guess I have no choice but to take it since we're still living in western Pa.