Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One hit wonder?

It's about puke.  If you have an aversion, stop here.  I promise not to be graphic, though.

I was standing on the counter, setting a ceiling with Christmas items when both my cell and the business phone ring.  I couldn't take the cell call anyhow (remember standing on the counter and up in the ceiling?)  I found that the call on the business line was for me.

It was my mother-in-law. 

K- had a headache.  A terrible headache.  She was crying.  She was not cheerful.  She was not herself. 

Oh, boy.

I talked to K-.  I asked her if her sponge was dry?  (AKA was her brain hurting because she hadn't had enough to drink?)  She said that she didn't know.   I asked her if she wanted me to come home?  "I don't know."  That pretty much cinched it.  The kid needed me. 

I abandoned my ceiling project and passed it on to the very capable Anna, who frankly was rather excited to take the project on. 

After jogging around road blocks and construction, I got to my road to have it closed and a Sheriff shaking his head that I couldn't go that way.  (Paving.)  Crap.  So, I took the long detour and finally got home. 

K- ran to me.  I no sooner got the door open but she blew past me and flew to the bathroom.

The kid made it just in time. 


She laid down for a while, played with Star Wars figures, ate enough Goldfish crackers to swim away, drank enough 7 Up to float away in a gas bubble, had chicken noodle soup and! her tummy is finally not hurting anymore. 

It seems (hopefully) that she had a short lived virus.  Her friend had it today, too.  She didn't make it.  It was at school.  The desk behind K-.  She gave me color details that I didn't need. 


So tonight, we're reading Junie B.'s Shipwrecked.  It's about ships and Columbus and puke.  How could I not?  It just seemed so fitting.

Smiles in my day:
-  K- is feeling better. 
-  Great help at work.
-  A mother-in-law who is now finally putting that spare key that I gave to her on her key ring so that she may use it if she needs.  It will not help her if it is hanging at her home on her key board all of 25 minutes away. 

Have a great puke-free day!

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Rach said...

OH NO. Poor baby. :o( There is truly NOTHING worse than throwing up. Ugh.

I'm glad it appears to be short-lived. And, that you have coworkers who can step up when needed. :o)

Hugs to K. I hope she's her perky self by tomorrow.