Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I was rather surprised when . . .

. . . I took K- for an appointment on Friday and Dr. P- asked what she was going to dress as for Halloween. 

"Darth Vader," answers my Star Wars loving child.

She looked at me completely shocked and with a weird, wrinkled face asked, "Really?"

"Uh, yes."

"You mean that you don't want to dress as a princess?"  asked Dr. P- of K-.

"No.  I want to dress as Darth Vader."


"She's quite a fan.  Her 6th birthday was Star Wars themed."

The doctor kind of chuckled and we all went our separate ways.  What surprised me was her attempt at getting K- to change her mind to something more girlie. 

Now to give K- credit, she did want to be Padme.  I purchased the Darth Vader mask last year after Halloween and she has been jazzed about it up until just recently.  She went through a very short Padme phase, but is now happily back to Darth Vader.

A side note:  Padme is some chick from Star Wars that ends up being Queen Amidala.  (Known in our home as Queen Amadolly because of the Barbie doll we have of her.)  The Star Wars bit is K- and Hubs' thing.  T'ain't mine. 

I admit that the princess thing has never been something that I've encouraged.  People I've known have done the princess thing to the hilt, almost to the point to make me want to be ill. 

I would not and will not wear things on K- that says, "I'm a princess."  Frankly, I think that's a bunch of garbage that we didn't want to feed to our kid and as much as our kid means the world to us, we didn't want her going out into public on her high and mighty thrown thinking that she needs to be treated any better than anyone else.  (No, K- does not live on a high and mighty thrown.)  Okay, it's a fun dress-up thing but a regular thing just doesn't do good things for either one of us. 

I shall step off that soap box now.

We've brought K- up to play with boy or girl toys.  She enjoys boy and girl movies.  She has no problem running with the boys or playing house with the girls.  (Or vice versa with the kindergarten housekeeping area.)  She's happy with a pile of dirt or a pile of rhinestones.  She's thrilled to roll in the dirt or wear a pretty dress.  She reads books that would specifically appeal to boys or to girls.  She doesn't care.  She doesn't see gender in anything like that.  Her world to her is still gender neutral.  We're cool with that.

So, what are your thoughts?  I should clarify that I wasn't offended by the doctor's question, just surprised.  Apparently she was surprised by K-'s answer. Maybe I've lived with her Star Wars obsession for so long that it no longer phases me as odd.

Smiles in my day:
-  Got another tree basically down.  Now if my co-worker hadn't found those extra ornaments that match the tree, it would be done.
-  My mother-in-law had a lovely ham dinner waiting for me. 
-  Hubs stayed home today and slept most of the day.  He's "trying to feel better."  I'm still on the couch.
-  The winds and nastiness that we were supposed to have apparently fizzled because we got some wind and some rain, but nothing tornadic like what they were saying.  "Isobars close, barometric pressure drop and we've seen nothing like this since the Fitzgerald went down in the lake . . . "  The time that the old RAV got hammered by hail and the roof and gutters on the house were trashed was far worse.  Glad that we didn't get it, but geeze o' Pete, it was prediction of Armageddon again.  I wanted to know the CAPE, but they never tell you that.  (My co-worker couldn't find it either.) Thanks to Storm Chasers, I know what people are looking at in regard to CAPE values, but have no idea about the full science behind them.  Numerically, I know when to duck and run.  Still, we are glad that this side of Ohio didn't blow into the Atlantic.

Have a great day!


Rach said...

I'm surprised by Dr. P's response. It seems odd to me that in this day and age we would be trying to shove "girl appropriate" costumes and such down little girls' throats.

Lil does NOT have any of the "princess" wear. Ellie had one onesie with something princess-like on it, but she never wore it (obviously NOT purchased by me).

We too do the gender neutral thing in many situations, and Lil loves to play with "boy" and "girl" toys. That said, she's mostly into girlie things, but has no trouble playing with boys. B keeps trying to get her into "Star Wars", thinking she'll LOVE it like he does. I'm a bit skeptical, knowing my child as I do, but he thinks it's possible, so we'll see...

As for your weather, thank GOODNESS all is well. I was a wreck worrying about you and a couple other bloggy/'net friends up your way. Whew!

Bailey's Leaf said...

If K- was a boy, there was a chance that her middle name was going to be Anakin, so it has come to her kind of naturally. She amazed one boy when she was about three. They were standing in a store and watching Star Wars on the screens when K- started rambling on about rather fine details of the movie. The little boy just looked at me. "What can I say? She loves Star Wars!"

We think that it important not to put K- into a pink colored gender box. Her favorite color (by her choice) is green. She is absolutely a girlie girl, but she is not afraid nor shy about rockin' out with the boys or their stuff.

As for B-, tell him to try the angle of Stinky. Isn't he Jaba's baby? He calls him his "Little Pumpkin Muffin." K- just loves it. :) The tiny Stinky that we have has played with the Polly Pockets. Well, so do the rest of the Star Wars people! It's amazing how well they fit in with the Fisher Price Twin Time Family Doll House!

concretenprimroses said...

Who knew love of Star Wars could be passed on through genes!
I'm very surprised at the doc's response.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Remember, they are adoptive genes, so that is even funnier yet! :)

Jamie said...

I pretty much always let my kids choose what they wanted to play with and they've had an opinion of what they wanted to wear. I can't recall them ever having any "princess" clothes, but B was a tooth fairy for Halloween when she was 6 or 7. It was basically a glorified princes costume that was handed down to us that I stuck a felt tooth shape to the front of. I've been a fan of non-conventional costumes than store bought ones, but they don't agree.
B was never into toys, she read or colored. H has had dolls, polly, petshops, and ponies. She definitely tends to be more girly, but that's fine with me.
At their ages now, I think they're definitely more girly girls because they're into clothes and hair than toys. H doesn't like to get dirty doing yardwork but she has no problem getting on a horse or working around the stable.