Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The continued saga of the boat trailer heist.

Well, I can officially say that Hubs has now hit mad.  He's not mad often.  For those wondering, we:

1.  Know that it is a material item and I feel dumb about being irked about it in one way. In another way, we live in a materialistic world and while we aren't materialistic people, we like to actually keep the material that we've worked hard for.  Hubs has owned the boat and boat trailer since he was 16.
2.  Are sad that we've had to have long conversations with K- about people purposely stealing something vs. accidentally acquiring something.  (Think school supplies.)  Her solution to keep it from happening again?  She wants Hubs to write his name really big on our next boat trailer so that people know that it belongs to him.  I mean, it works for crayons, pencils, scissors and whatnot, so why not try that with large belongings?  Never mind that it was attached to our RAV and that they had to help themselves to unlatching it and taking the ball hitch plug-in right along with them. 
3.  Will be buying every lock mechanism available and using them when towing our boat again.  No, we didn't have this trailer locked onto the car.  Around here, no one ever does.  My parents have a big ole boat and a typical motor boat and they don't lock their trailer down to their vehicles.  Sadly, it is a changing world and to quote my coworker Sam, "In this economy, you've got to watch where you leave your scrap metal lying around." 
4.  Have reported it stolen and Hubs has to go to the BMV to report the plates as stolen.  It takes the BMV 4-6 weeks to void out the plates and have them declared stolen/dead.  Hmmm.  It's that hard?
5.  Can only find Hubs' butt photo as a picture for the trailer.  Even if we do find it, I doubt that it would hold up to say that it is ours.  Lesson learned.
6.  Are glad that Hubs never leaves his rods or tackle in the boat when he goes to retrieve the truck and trailer.  That is a rather substantial amount of money that could certainly get snagged.  We didn't feel that way before, but now we have been burned.
7.  Are so thankful for the men who towed our boat back to our house.  Without them, we would have had a much more difficult time getting it home.  It would have had to be flat-bedded home and that wouldn't be easy. 
8.  Are checking Craig's List on a daily basis.  Hubs thought he caught it tonight, but it wasn't the right thing. 

We're still processing.  We're still irritated. 

Smiles in my day:
-  The Room Parent Tea.  It was delightful!


Rach said...

I can't imagine how violated you all must feel. I admire K's solution. She's right, it DOES work in the classroom.

I wish there were something--ANYTHING--I could do to make this better. Poor M. He must be SO upset. I can't imagine having something for so long and then have it taken from me. :o(

Jamie said...

This really stinks. But you have learned what to do next time around. While it isn't a replacement for THAT one, maybe you'll find a new-to-you one while you're checking CL for cheap that will get the boat up out of the yard.

I def like K's idea... why not?!