Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beating the dead horse for just one more day.

I'll begin by reminding y'all that this is a journal.  With that, forgive me as I talk just one more day.  (Well, I hope that is all that it will take.)

What we're most chaffed about is that someone came along, looked and said, "I want that," and took it.  A small percentage is a stuff thing, but probably 85% is asking why someone felt that they were entitled to something that clearly was not theirs. 

While we've lead pretty average lives, we just so barreled over by the fact that someone would intentionally leave my husband stranded in order to take our trailer to probably junk for drug money. 

We just don't understand the thought process.  What makes people decide to behave the way that they do?  Why are there people that act completely without thought of others and decide that whatever is out there in society is theirs no matter cost or consequence? 

Please don't think that we place the importance of our missing boat trailer on the same level of murder, kidnapping and so forth.  We certainly don't.  We just wonder what the heck would possess someone to do that?  What would possess anyone to do anything harmful to anyone?

Hubs wonders if they watched from the woods to see his reaction and how the boat situation would ultimately be resolved.  Did they hope that he would tie the boat up and go for help, only to come back to it being gone, too? 

It is a violation thing.  It is Hubs' favorite fishing area.  It is a reservoir that is home to Eagles, Osprey, Herons, as well as a ton of wonderful fish to catch and release.  It is a place free of gas motors.  Everyone minds their own, rejoices in the success of others and pulls together to help another fisherman in a bind. 

Hubs will go back.  I'm just afraid that this has changed our habits for good and for bad. 

We don't want to be paranoid.  We want to continue to go and enjoy. 

We don't want them to win.

The end.


Rach said...

Yes, it's the violation, but you know what, it IS about the material as well. It was YOUR material good and nobody had a right to it.

I seriously doubt the culprit hung around waiting. There would be WAY too much chance of being caught. I'm sure he (yes, I'm assuming the thief is male) saw it, snatched it and ran.

It is a HUGE HUGE HUGE violation and you will be forever marked by this. You and your family. Your sense of peace and trust in humankind has been irrevocably tainted and there will be no going back to how you were before.

I'm so dreadfully sorry this has happened to you. It really does test your faith in humanity. :o(

ChupieandJ'smama said...

HUGS! It stinks and I'm sorry. You and Hubs have every right to feel violated and angry.